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Feature: Fall Fest at Bucknell

Bucknell’s annual Fall Fest is right around the corner! On September 15th from 5-10 p.m., Sojka Lawn will be completely decked out in a carnival-style event. There will be games and rides, TONS of food, student performers, and a concert by the one and only B.O.B! We spoke with Julia Gee, Marketing Chair of the Fall Fest Committee, to find out more about the event.

What made you want to join the Fall Fest Committee?

JG: I love music and going to concerts. Going to concerts and festivals honestly just make me really happy. Its not just about the artist, but the whole experience and the vibe of the concert that make them so appealing. When everyone around you is smiling, singing, and dancing, their excitement is infectious. It’s really hard not to enjoy a concert.

Before coming to Bucknell, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to go to a concert for the four years I would be in Lewisburg. After getting to campus I soon realized that that wouldn’t be the case, and I joined all the concert clubs I could. I joined Concert Committee and of course, Fall Fest! I am also very curious about the “behind the scenes” aspects of concerts, and joining Fall Fest has allowed me to experience how to put on a successful music event. 

How much work goes into making Fall Fest happen?

JG: The interesting thing about Fall Fest is that the majority of the work is done over the summer. As the marketing leader, my committee and I are in charge of coming up with the giveaway items, hosting contests, creating and utilizing social media accounts (follow us on Instagram @bucknellfallfest2017), and overall, just getting people hyped about the event!

What makes Fall Fest different from other on-campus events?

JG: As a member of both Fall Fest and Concert Committee, I have experience in promoting, advertising, and putting on two music events here on campus. While they are both concerts that are typically in the fall, they are very different. Concert Committee brings big name artists to campus like Lil Wayne, Cash Cash, Wiz Khalifa, and Walk the Moon for an indoor, typical concert venue experience. Fall Fest on the other hand is outdoors and feels more like a festival with the music, food, and a ferris wheel. Fall Fest is also free for all Bucknellians!

What part of Fall Fest are you most excited for?

JG: One of the perks of being on the Fall Fest Committee is that we usually get to meet the artist. Meeting Jesse McCartney last year was unreal and I can’t wait to meet B.o.B this year ~ hopefully I can snag a selfie with him ;). Overall, Fall Fest is amazing. The food is always delicious and the artist we bring is always energetic and really engages with the crowd. Overall, it’s just a good time with some good vibes. 

Favorite carnival food? :)

JG: Fried oreos for sure! Although I always feel like I need to eat an apple afterwards to “cleanse.” I’ll definitely be first in line for the nacho tots too. 


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