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The Fault in Following Our Stars

I’ve been reading my horoscope a lot lately; not because I particularly believe that the moon’s rotation in relation to the month I was born has any effect on my actions, but mostly because I’ve been looking for some guidance and reassurance. With the unavoidable stress that comes along with registering for classes, the knowledge that after the ever-needed Thanksgiving Break, finals are quickly approaching, and all the other stresses of the ending semester, I’ve found comfort in knowing what to expect from the coming weeks.

As collegiettes, we will end up making many decisions by the end of our four years here. Whether it’s a frivolous decision about whether we should spend another night dancing on the risers of a sweaty downtown house or watching Netflix in bed, or an important decision about deciding a major or where to study abroad, decision-making is a crucial part of the college experience. While the less important events may feel insignificant, they build the memories that we will remember at the end of our Bucknell experience. More importantly, though, as Bucknellians, we like to categorize ourselves as students that “work hard, and play harder.” From the numerous clubs we join, our rigorous course load, and topping it all off with going out at least twice a week, we quickly learn the importance time management and balancing it all. Unfortunately, on occasion, life throws us a curveball and suddenly our “balanced” scale is tipped and we’re stuck scrambling to find our footing again. It is at these times that we find ourselves searching for proof that we can do this, and that it is going to be okay.

Someone once told me that in the whirlwind storm that is college, it’s easier to just ride it out and take things as they come instead of planning for every possible scenario. That being said, sometimes a little guidance can go a long way. It’s not that we need to see the breakdown of how every event in our life will play out, but sometimes simply knowing that everything is going to work out for the best can have an extraordinary amount of comfort attached to it. With so many new experiences ahead of us, we collegiettes should view life as our oyster, ready to take on any new experience that is thrown our way. Sometimes we need guidance to know when to keep our eyes on the prize and keep working towards that goal we’ve been reaching for for so long, and that’s okay. And sometimes, when we’re feeling down, it’s just easier to blame your feelings on Mercury being in retrograde than it is to remember that you haven’t slept in a week because of the three exams you’ve been studying for. So if you’re feeling lost, or just need an extra push to remind you that you can do this, take a look at your horoscope. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out that a meeting with your potential significant other on that elevated surface is in your future.

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