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Fashion Forecast: Spring-ing Ahead

Aahh, spring. The warmer weather, intoxicatingly sweet smell of flowers, and Vitamin D therapy from the abundance of sunshine create the perfect atmosphere for fresh fashion. However, spring brings some weather situations that pose difficulty in choosing what to wear: April showers, that it’s-sorta-still-cold-but-not-really? thing, and lots of wind. So, here’s my advice on how to dress weather-appropriately in the months of spring so you’ll never be left guessing:
Coats. Since the weather frequently varies during the spring--one moment the sun will be shining, the next it’s raining--I suggest investing in a trench coat like this one (or one made with a waterproof fabric) since the material is not too heavy, yet heavy enough to wear on cool days.  
Jeans. Wearing jeans in the spring is always tricky; you don’t want to wear a wash too dark, a fabric too heavy, or a cut too bulky. Try to look for jeans with a lighter, stretchier fabric with less of a trouser-like feel. What I’ll be investing in are a pair of these: they’re light, come in a great wash that can be dressed up or down, and are cut at the ankle for an ultra-chic, springtime weather-appropriate look. And don’t be afraid to experiment with pastel hues!!
Dresses and skirts. Say goodbye to heavier fabrics like wool and fleece and hello to cotton dresses! Although spring weather can often feel cool, cotton dresses range in fabric weight so you can buy thicker dresses or thinner ones depending on how cool spring weather usually is in your area. Cotton definitely is the fabric of choice for spring dresses since its breathable for warmer days, unless you want to go with a chambray dress as seen here; both work equally as well! 
Sweaters. Even though the bitter chill of winter has left the atmosphere, the coolness of springtime still makes it appropriate to wear sweaters. Choosing cardigans with a lighter fabric-like featherweight cashmere or a thinner merino-or sweaters with a mix of cotton and linen like this one are fashionable, weather-conscious choices.
Shoes. FINALLY, it’s flats weather again!! Since spring temperatures at Bucknell most likely won’t reach flip-flop worthy until late April/early May, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to invest in a new pair of flats to carry you through the season. My picks are here (for everyday) and here (for fun). 
With these tips, you’ll be adequately prepared when it comes to springtime weather. But more importantly, you’ll look good while doing it. After all, don’t you think it’s about time to spring forward? 
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