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FASHION FORECAST: September 10-14, 2012

September has sprung and so has the time for transitioning to fall fashion. There are so many amazing things that I absolutely love about the fall, but the clothing always makes the top of my list. Comfortable sweaters, faded jeans with a worn-in pair of leather boots, scarves and wearing colors that reflect the natural surroundings (warm oranges, deep browns and vibrant greens and yellows) are ways I channel the autumn season through my wardrobe. Although the weather in Lewisburg now may not seem very fall-like or crisp enough for autumn, there are easy, yet subtle, ways to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall while the weather transitions, too.

Here is the forecast for the coming week and some simple tips to transform your look from season to season without losing any degree of hotness:

Monday, September 10: Partly cloudy and a high of 71 degrees.
As fall is approaching, so are those notable crisp mornings. Make sure you’re prepared when you step out in the a.m. with a light sweater or cardigan! Pair with dark denim shorts and flat ankle boots for a look that works in both seasons. A dark-wash denim is a great way to transition to fall and away from the lighter washes of summer, and ankle boots are a good compromise between sandals and knee-high riding boots. Try a tank top underneath your sweater or cardigan so that if you get hot in the afternoon, you can easily rock wearing just the tank with the shorts and boots!

Tuesday, September 11: Sunny and a high of 76 degrees.

A bit warmer than yesterday, today is a good day for a floral sundress paired with a denim jacket. A classic look, the denim jacket gives a sweet floral summer dress an edgier, more classic autumnal feel. Pair with flats or leather sandals to channel fall’s bohemian, earthy vibe.

Wednesday, September 12: Mostly sunny and a high of 80 degrees.
Another warm day, yet it is September after all … why not get into the fall mood early? Nothing says fall fashion quite like earth tones, so try pairing khaki or olive chino shorts with ankle boots and a flowy neutral t-shirt today. Add long earrings and loads of bracelets for that bohemian look that totally captures the spirit of nature that is key during the fall season!

Thursday, September 13: Mostly sunny and a high of 83.

floral shorts that you’re getting ready to store away for the year? Not too fast! To continue recycling this key piece into your summer-fall transition wardrobe, pair with a flowy neutral sweater, flats and classic leather belt. Florals always look great when paired with classic or earth-toned ensembles, so don’t be too eager to ship them back home just yet! Take the look even a step further by pairing with a striped sweater or three-quarter sleeved tee that includes similar colors as the floral print of your shorts … mixed prints are so in for fall!

Friday, September 14: Partly cloudy with a high of 81 degrees.

Love your printed maxi dress but discouraged it’s too late in the season to continue wearing it? Fear not! A great trick for wearing a summery print maxi dress while transitioning into fall is pairing it with a long-sleeved, lightweight cardigan, oxford flats, and a belt. The look is artsy, cool and an easy ensemble for a Friday. The oxfords add an academic twist to the look that is so inspired by the fall, and the cardigan channels the autumn weather, yet is still lightweight enough to wear in hotter transitional temperatures!

Transitions are never easy; especially when it comes to fashion. Many are left guessing what’s appropriate to wear during these confusing times … I certainly am myself! The trick is adding lightweight versions of key fall pieces (sweaters, cardigans) as well as incorporating fall-inspired accessories (leather, bohemian jewelry, ankle boots) into your look so you can start getting into the autumn vibe without looking like a walking scarecrow. Okay, none of you would EVER look like that, but you get my point! Here’s to the end of confusion during this wardrobe transition time and to the beginning of a peaceful, beautiful and of course, fashionable fall.

Jen Lassen 

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