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Family Weekend Recap- What to expect for next year?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

What is Bucknell Parents Weekend? 

Every year towards the end of September, Bucknell encourages all students to invite their parents, families, or guardians to campus. The weekend allows for authentic family time, and allows families to experience their child’s college life. As most of us have experienced, move-in day provides none of this. Between struggling to carry all of your items and frantically setting up your room, there is not much genuine family-time. On top of all this stress, campus is not yet in the full swing of things. During Parents’ Weekend, though, families can see what Bucknell is all about, and see Lewisburg for what it is when our students have finally become adjusted to campus life. 

What Does It Entail? 

Parents weekend is different for everyone. Typically, students give their family a tour around campus, introduce them to new friends, and (hopefully) go grocery shopping as we all try to survive on a college budget. Aside from this, many students take their parents out to our infamous “Super Saturday,” enjoy a nice dinner, and just try to spend time together after being apart for a month. Bucknell also provides many school sponsored events such as meals, tours, and backyard games. 

It is a BUSY Weekend

After typically being exhausted from the first month of academic/school life, having to tailor to your parents interests and have them enjoy their time here is not always the easiest task- be prepared for a busy and tiring weekend. Although it is great seeing your parents and being able to show them your new life at school, there will be many things on your plate. I have noticed that school has taught me to enjoy my alone-time, so setting aside time for family while at school is not something I am very used to. There are many activities you might typically participate in at school that you are not yet prepared to get them involved in, or you might have to miss out on some of the things you would typically do on a weekend. This weekend entails a lot of walking around campus, touring downtown Lewisburg, shopping, interacting with your peers, and potentially going out. Basically, it is very busy. 

How To Deal

I’ve learned that the best thing I did for parents weekend was getting my work done before the weekend started. It was very beneficial for me to not have to be concerned with school work throughout the weekend, as I wanted to spend most of my time with my family. It could be good to start planning an agenda during the week leading up to it, so that both you and your parents are prepared for what the weekend has in store. If you plan to take your parents out with you, incorporate this into your schedule so you can make sure your parents get to spend time with just you, but also get to experience what weekend campus-life is like. 

Understand Everyone Has Their Own Experience  

Finally, understand that this weekend is not the best weekend for everyone. Recognize that every single student on campus comes from a different background and family-life at home. For some students, their parents may not have been able to attend. For others, they may not have wanted their parents to come, for a variety of different reasons. Getting to see your family is such a privilege that many of us have at school, but not everyone here is able to enjoy that time like you can. Be respectful to those who may not have family with them this weekend. 

There is no universal way to navigate Parents’ Weekend. This weekend is one to remember at Bucknell, so make it enjoyable for you and your parents as best as you can! 

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