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Fall Nail Trends

Say good-bye to your bright, summer hues and welcome to the dark side. Sort of. As per usual, the fall nail trends this season are on the darker side – but don’t stash away your light color palettes just yet!

Sultry Red
The classic crimson red is back and stronger than ever. This color is classy and bold, with a touch of sass. Everyone should try it on at least once!


Pale Nudes
Perfect for those who don’t want to wave goodbye to their baby pink: this trend is for you. Subtle and more natural, these colors are perfect to get you warmed up for the autumn layers.

Not too sure which trend to take on? I would definitely urge you to try this cozier and warmer take on the pale nudes!

Berry Purple
While the lilac purples are still very much trending, try this new sultry twist on the classic red.

To remind you of those blue skies and green grass of the summer days – here is a little upgrade on last season’s big trend.

You want to be fun, funky, and different but the glitter nail polish is just a little too bold for you? Go mermaid metallic.

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