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“Wake me up, when September ends” … Yes ladies, it is that time of year again. The leaves are changing, and your perfect “fall ascetic” Instagram pictures are right around the corner. But whether you like it or not, the change of seasons also means your shoulders will soon be too chilly for those off the shoulder tops, and jean shorts will be a thing of the past.  While the days of sunbathing on the quad are fleeting, have no fear, because Her Campus is here to help you slay your transition into fall with some key fall fashion staples. 

Socks and Boots/Booties:

As we approach October, temperatures are going to slowly drop. But, that doesn’t mean you have to whip out the tights and snow boots just yet. You can ease yourself into those cooler days by still wearing your favorite t-shirt dress, but just add some tall socks and boots/booties to give your legs a little more warmth. 



Loose “Boyfriend” Jeans:

Some girls are fortunate enough to be in a committed relationship with their favorite pair of skinny jeans. But, for others, the idea of returning to the thigh compressing, waist synching reality of jeans is a recurring nightmare every time cold weather comes around again. If either of these descriptions sound like you, or even if you’re somewhere in the middle, loose “boyfriend” jeans with rips can be airier on warmer fall days, and also very in-trend. They also tend to be more flattering on a range of different body types, because they don’t hug every single one of our beautiful curves. 




A soft, oversized cardigan is perfect for chilly fall mornings. Layers are key, especially when you’re walking all around campus and will probably be sweating by the time you get to class. So, something you can throw on and off will not only add warmth when you need it, but also the ability to cool off when you find yourself fanning yourself and blotting your sweat in the bathroom before your 9am class. 

Lily is a first- year student at Bucknell University, from Baltimore, MD. She is the youngest of three children, with two older brothers who live in New York and Boston. She has two dogs, Cooper and Nellie, and if you meet her in person she has probably already shown you the thousands of pictures she has of them on her phone. Lily loves to sing and play guitar, is passionate about fashion and beauty, and is so excited to be a HerCampus writer for Bucknell!
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