Easy, Healthy, On-the-Go Snacking


Photo courtesy of Karp Fitness


Still trying to figure out your new semester routine? Simplify your life with these easy snack ideas that are both delicious and easy to carry on-the-go. 


Dark Chocolate

Looking to satisfy a sweet tooth? Dark chocolate is a great antioxidant and lowers the risk of heart disease. Search for at least 70% cacao to maximize its benefits. 



No need to worry about refined sugars, fruit’s sugar is all natural! While apples, bananas, or clementines might be easiest to grab-and-go, switch it up and put berries in a to-go container. Pairing fruit with yogurt or a nut butter is a simple way to make this snack slightly more filling. 


Homemade Kale Chips/Roasted Chickpeas

Have time to make a snack you’ll enjoy all week? Break your kale leaves into small, chip-size pieces over a baking sheet. Season as you wish (i.e. salt, pepper, balsamic dressing, olive oil, etc.), then place in the oven until crispy.


The same can be done with chickpeas! Not only can these snacks be eaten on their own, but you can also add them to salads or soup as a crunchy topping. 



Whether you eat it with crackers, pita, or veggies, hummus is a delicious source of protein. A lot of stores sell hummus snack packs which are perfect to throw into your backpack. 


Trail Mix 

Trail mix is very easy to make yourself! Combine your favorite unsalted nuts, dried fruit (excellent source of iron!), and coconut chips for a tasty snack that combines all of your favs! 



In moderation, all nuts are good for you! Try mixing them up.


Almond: high fiber, high calcium, disease prevention, lower cholesterol, high Vitamin E, 

Cashew: heart healthy, cancer preventing, high magnesium, high iron, good for hair/skin/bones

Peanut: brain healthy (high in folates), high protein, high Vitamin E

Walnut: heart healthy, brain healthy, cancer preventing, high in omega 3 fats, antioxidant

Sources: Health.com, Fastachi.com, Mayoclinic.org


Yogurt w/ Granola

If you add several yogurts and granola to your grocery list, this couldn’t be an easier snack to bring with you on a busy day—especially if you purchase individual yogurt servings. Because there are so many yogurt brands out there, be careful to select one that doesn’t have too many added sugars.


As for the granola, I’m completely obsessed with the brand Purely Elizabeth. It maintains a sweet, flavorful taste, without high sugar content. Organic, gluten-free, and GMO-free, the brand has several different yummy flavors to test out.