Dudes on Gals: Cuffing Szn

The time has come. Apparently, there’s something about the fall and winter months that make people want to settle down into a relationship, or make their current relationship more serious. According to the most reliable online source, Urban Dictionary, cuffing season has to do with “the cold weather and prolonged indoor activity” and it “causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.”


Here are dude’s thoughts on cuffing season:


“I think it’s kind of interesting how like people kind of rush to find a relationship for just one season, but then people change right after.”

“I think it’s dumb. There’s no point in only being a relationship in a certain time.”


“Let’s be real, people can shit on cuffing season all they want, but deep down everyone wants someone to cuddle with and watch movies with in bed while it’s snowing outside. To say otherwise would be a lie”


“I think that it’s interesting because they say that most people die in the summer, murder goes up with heat, so I think that might be tied in with cuffing season, you know what I mean? There’s more relationships so there’s less murder.”

“Get the lotions out, folks, because our wrists are going to be very red.”


“My understanding, I’m not an expert, is that it’s just basically now that it’s getting colder, people are trying to find a partner so they can like cuff themselves to them and cuddle. I don’t have any strong feelings on it, it’s just whatever.”


Final Thoughts:


Firstly, HerCampus has some questions. Is the urge to find a cuddle buddy really that strong? Why can’t #cuffingszn be year-round? What about fun trips to the beach with your significant other?


Next, guys want cuddle buddies too. Use the season as an excuse to make your moves. It’s true, the holidays are more fun with a significant other to spend it with (but so is summer). Yes, take advantage of it, but be careful. Cuffing Season is not all fun and cuddles. If you’re in a relationship leading up to the fall and winter months, you may feel pressured to get more serious when you and your partner aren’t there yet. Be careful of this and go at your own pace!


Happy Cuffing Season!