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It’s eating every chocolate in the box except for your favorite one. It’s the letter your grandpa sends you but you leave on your desk until you have a good time to read it. It’s that new shirt that you force yourself to wait a month before wearing.

Too often, we choose to save something for later that we could easily make a part of today. We want things that are supposed to feel special—new things, favorite things, etc.—to actually feel special. So, we build them up in our heads, and hold off from doing them, without realizing that this might not be the best approach.

This logic is pretty flawed; First off, half the time we forget the thing we were even saving for later, making it a complete waste to have even saved it. What’s the point in buying a denim miniskirt if it’s going to end up sitting in the back of your closet because you forgot it was even there? Other times, we remember it, but it ends up not being what we had hoped it would be. Take the chocolate box example. It’s the moment you realize your favorite chocolate is now too stale because you waited way too long to eat it. So, you ended up just spending time eating the chocolates you don’t even like, while leaving the one you do like to spoil.

Even though we’re used to saving things for later, we need to make a more active effort to make right now the special occasion so that we don’t miss out. Rather than planning everything ahead, and calculating every aspect of our lives, we need to live every moment to its fullest. Break out that new choker, eat dessert first, and repeat an outfit in the same week. Because really, who cares?! It’s cliché, but life is way too short to be saving anything for later.

Olivia is a junior writer and VP Tech for Her Campus Bucknell. She loves being on the Her Campus team because it's a unique platform for college women to support one another. Outside of Her Campus, Olivia is obsessed with her Westie, a lover of all things coral, and a muffin fanatic.
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