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Debunking Bucknell Student Health

For the do-it-all collegiette, it can be difficult to acknowledge sickness when it arises, and all too easy to pretend any health issue “will run its course.” For these reasons, collegiettes often neglect to visit the Health Center when they really ought to do so. Fortunately, HC Bucknell has been in touch with Melissa Allen, R.N., of Bucknell Student Health. Below, she elucidates some of the services BSH offers.

Let’s start with the basics: What are some common reasons that students visit Bucknell’s Health Center?

Students come to the health center for a variety of reasons. Of course we see many students for common illnesses (sore throat, pink eye, vomiting) and injuries (sprains, lacerations), but we also offer women’s health services, STD testing for men and women, travel medicine, immunizations, nutrition services, and referrals to specialists.

Does the Health Center offer walk-in visits? If not, how can one make an appointment?

Our provider schedules are built around scheduled appointments. To avoid an extra trip to the health center when you are already not feeling well, we recommend calling ahead for an appointment. Our number is 570-577-1401.  In the event you stop in without an appointment, we will evaluate how we can best meet your needs based upon acuity of the situation.

Does Bucknell Student Health have a nutritionist? If so, how can s/he help students? How can students contact him/her?

Yes, we have two nutritionists who see students both here and at the field house. The field house location is reserved for athletes, but any Bucknell student has access to nutrition services at the office located at Student Health. Our nutritionists help students with various nutrition related concerns such as; understanding how to eat in a healthy way on a college campus, how to fuel one’s body effectively, and ways to manage disordered eating patterns. Again, it is a simple phone call to our office at 570-577-1401 to schedule an appointment with a nutritionist.

What other types of programs/outreach does Student Health offer?

Student health personnel, including the health educator, provide health information to student groups on campus. We provide this information via demonstrations (LC Mall or maker space), lectures (FYIs classes), electronic messaging, and by request (Greek organizations, Residence halls, and other groups). If there is a topic of interest, please call me at Student Health and I can arrange a way to provide the information to your group.

Can Bucknell Student Health prescribe medication?

Absolutely! Our providers order medications, testing, and referrals to provide the best care for our students. We also have a limited in-house pharmacy here, where you can often fill the prescriptions which were ordered, pay a nominal fee via cash, credit, or B-Bill, and be on your way in a short time.  If you need something we do not have in stock, our providers are often able to e-prescribe it to a local pharmacy where it will be ready usually within a few hours.

How can students minimize the number of times they have to visit Student Health? (i.e., what are some tips for preventative care, especially in the winter months?)

Although it seems obvious, one of the most important and effective things you can do to remain healthy any time of the year is to WASH YOUR HANDS. It is especially important before eating or handling food and after you use the bathroom. Other key ways to protect yourself from illness on a college campus are: not sharing items which come in contact with your mouth (drinks, foods, utensils, lip products); covering coughs and sneezes in the crook of your elbow; disinfect high touch surfaces (keyboards, desks, phones, doorknobs) often; and get a flu shot every year.

Is there anything you wish more people knew about Bucknell Student Health?

I hope everyone knows we have an amazing staff here who are dedicated to helping achieve a healthy community. By providing care for our students and helping them learn techniques to care for themselves and each other, we strive to make a positive community impact in the areas of general wellness, personal growth, and academic success.


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