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So, you didn’t get the class you wanted, you’re stuck with all 8 AMs, and your professors all have poor ratings on RateMyProfessor.

We’ve all been there. Don’t let it get the best of you! Stick out the semester strong with these tips.


Meet with your advisor.

You already met with them, but meet with them again. They’re there to help and you have no idea what they can do for you until you ask. Do they know something you don’t? Do they have a resource for you to help with a certain course? You won’t know unless you seek out help.


Talk to someone else who previously took the class.

Find out if you’re really in for a bumpy ride or if it’s all just talk. Hearing what previous students have said is incredibly valuable. They’ll provide useful information on how to ace the class. We’ve all heard it before, Bucknellians love helping Bucknellians!


Email the professor.

It never hurts to reach out and get on their good side as early as possible. Introduce yourself, tell them you’re excited to start the class, ask any questions you may have, etc. It’s not a bad look!


Focus on the now.

Try your best to stop anticipating things especially if you don’t know are accurate or not. Focus on your current courses and current assignments. The pity party can only last so long and next semester may be your best yet!



If you’re signed up for a class that’s infamous for being difficult, plan to join a study group when the time comes, get tutored, and use all the TLC resources available. The resources are there for a reason and countless students have succeeded in their classes because of them!


It’s not the end of the world, and it’s just 16 weeks you’ll have to deal with it. Time flies and you have to make the most of it! Be prepared, seek out resources and mentors, and you’ll do great.

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