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This year’s fall concert performer is Two Friends followed by A Boogie wit da Hoodie and the show is just around the corner! I took the opportunity to interview Sam Taufer, a member of the Bucknell Concert Committee to get the inside scoop on the upcoming performance as well as what it is like to be a member of the committee. Here is some info I got to find out: 


Amanda: “How does this year’s fall concert performers compare to previous years?”

Sam: “Concert Committee tries to pick performers that will appeal to the majority of students every year, and we try to make the opener and the main act different genres for the same reason. So while we are still keeping the same theme of an opener and main act performing different genres of music, we believe that both artists are very well known and will bring a great crowd.”


Amanda: “What are you most excited about for this year’s fall concert?”

Sam: “I‘m super excited for this year’s concert- Two Friends and A Boogie wit da Hoodie are two very different artists, and each of them are attracting huge audiences . I can’t say I’m excited for any one specific thing because I love everything about concert day from start to finish!”


Amanda: “How was your experience working on the concert committee the past two years been?”

Sam: “Being on concert committee is one of my favorite things about Bucknell. The experience is unlike any other in that I am taking a hands-on role in the entire process. I have the opportunity to construct the stage with professional movers, set up the artists’ dressing rooms, watch the performer’s sound checks, and even head backstage throughout the concert!”


Amanda: “What has been the best or most memorable celebrity interaction you have had while being on the concert committee?

Sam: “There have been a good amount of memorable interactions with celebrities since I’ve been on concert committee. At the end of the Migos and Cheat Codes concert, our committee met backstage to take a picture with the artists. As we were waiting for Migos to walk offstage, Cardi B all of a sudden walked right in front of us and said hi! She was actually on stage the entire time Migos was performing (just hiding in the back where it was dark) and very few people noticed her! That was such a surreal moment and probably my favorite memory so far on concert committee!”


I hope everything Sam has said about Concert Committee and this year’s performers has you hyped for the fall concert, and we hope to see all of you there in just a few weeks!


Amanda Christy

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