Celebrity Halloween Costume Review

Everyone looks forward to Halloween because they can dress up as their favorite celebrities, but if everyone is dressing up as famous singers and athletes, then what are the celebrities themselves dressing up as?


Stormi Jenner

This costume was a showstopper. When it hit Instagram, people went crazy for the cuteness of Stormi Jenner in her little purple dress. She dressed up in her Met Gala costume mimicking Kylie’s purple Met Gala dress (but in a less revealing fashion). From her purple hair to the sparkly silver purse in her hand, Stormi gave Kylie’s original showstopper look a run for her money!


Kardashain Family

To continue with the Kardash-Jenner costumes, one of their many memorable and overtop costumes of Halloweek included their outfits from the movie “The Sing.” These costumes were not as basic as typical Halloween outfits, as Saint dressed as Johnny, Kanye as Johnny’s dad, Psalm as Johnny’s brother, and Chicago as Ash. One could assume this might be the kid’s favorite movie, which is why Kim chose to dress her family in these costumes, and each outfit was tailored and accessorized to perfection.



The Weeknd

The Weeknd turned heads this Halloween as well with his dramatic Joker costume. With an all white face, and the fluorescent purple and orange clashing suit, Abel came out with a bang. Not only must it have taken a lot of effort to get dressed up as the Joker, but it clearly took even more effort to undress, as The Weeknd shared pictures of white makeup unable to wipe off his face. Hopefully it has finally come off by now!


Cardi B

Cardi B always draws attention to herself, especially with her risque outfit choices. The queen decided to dress as Poison Ivy this year— something no one thought could ever look hot. She sure did kill it though! In her seven-foot fire red wig and emerald green ivy leaves that covered only the necessary parts of her body, she took some breaths away on Instagram.


The celebrities did not disappoint in the Halloween costume department this year, and us normal people now have a whole new slew of outfits to choose from come next Halloween!