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Campus Profiles: Caroline Schuler & Jess Ratner

Caroline Schuler & Jess Ratner

1. Tell us about yourself. 

CS: Hi, I’m Caroline, but all my friends call me Caro.  I love to laugh and I love to talk, which makes sense because I think I’m really funny. I am obsessed with salt, it’s basically my favorite food, and I brought a kilo of fleur de sel aux épices grilles (really good shaved salt with seasonings) home from France after I studied abroad. 

JR: My name is Jessica, and I’m a junior majoring in Economics and minoring in Political Science!  On campus, I am a member of the Women’s Soccer team and the Chair of Relay For Life.  Outside of school and soccer, I love playing basketball and softball.  I am a big music fan and love to go to concerts and festivals over the summer.  I love to go on road trips, and over summer I take trips to the beach as often as I can!  Spending the day in New York City is another favorite of mine, and you can often find me trying to decide which Broadway show I’d like to see next.  I am a dog enthusiast, so if you see one on campus, let me know ASAP and I’ll be there faster than the speed of light.  

2. Tell us about your involvement in Relay for Life at Bucknell. When did you get started? 

CS: I became involved with Relay at Bucknell in my sophomore year.  I had a vague idea of what Relay for Life was from high school, but I had never participated in one or even talked to someone who had.  After experiencing Relay my first year at Bucknell, I decided to get involved!  I also love organizing events and planning fundraisers (which is something I used to do for my sorority), so leading the committee to plan Relay is a great fit for me.   

JR: I got started in Relay For Life during my freshman year.  I had never been part of the event before, but freshman year I became the captain for my team!  Sophomore year, I applied to various positions, and was ultimately chosen for as a co-chair, which is a 2-year commitment, as you become the Chair of the event the following year! Following in the footsteps of Jenn and Steph, our amazing chairs from last year, I was able to get a good grasp on all of the inner workings of Relay, and it has made me more comfortable while organizing the event this year as Chair!

3. What activities can we expect from this year’s Relay? 

CS: This year’s Relay will be jam-packed with many fun opportunities to pass the 12 hours.  There will be fun backyard games (like volleyball and cornhole), various inflatables, great performances by students, and face painting. I am personally looking forward to Rita with the Deans!

JR: This year, our theme is “Cirque Du Relay”, so guests can expect lots of carnival and circus style events! We will have various blowups such as an obstacle course, speed pitch, skee ball, basketball, and a giant game of Twister!! There will also be face painting, henna tattoos, carnival style food, and games, including cornhole, Kan Jam, and volleyball!  Guests can expect to be entertained throughout the evening with our amazing performers, who will be singing, dancing, telling jokes, DJing, and more.  We will have a Zumba session later in the night, which is always a great time!  We will have raffle baskets that people can try to win, as well as shirts and Lumiarias available!

4. What is the most rewarding part about heading Relay? The most challenging?

CS: The most rewarding part of Relay is definitely seeing how impactful the event is on the student body and the community.  After the difficult months of planning and fundraising, which is the most difficult part, it is always amazing to see the event unfold.  We raise so much money, which is phenomenal, and this fundraising culminates in an amazing and meaningful event.  It is incredible to see the campus come together, especially during some of the more emotional speeches and ceremonies. 

JR: There are so many rewarding aspects about relay, but for me, hearing the speakers during the various ceremonies always brings me to tears.  To hear the stories of so many people who have been affected by cancer is a reminder of why we fight so hard and fundraise as much as we do.  I lost my dad to cancer when I was 16, and my grandmother passed away from cancer just last year, so having personally experienced loss, I am constantly pushing myself to do more and be better, all so that I can be the kind of person they’d want me to be.  Each person has a story, and Relay gives us the opportunity to come together and collectively share our experiences with each other, while raising money for such an important cause.  

5. What impact(s) do you hope this year’s Relay will have on Bucknell’s community? 

CS: Firstly, I hope that this event is a success and that it inspires people to understand that even the smallest action can contribute to a wonderfully large impact.  Additionally, I hope that Relay will help bring our campus closer by pushing students to develop a sense of compassion for one another.  Unfortunately, cancer is a disease that has affected most of us in one way or another.  Relay for Life allows students to remember how despite our different backgrounds, everyone has some kind of baggage.  Through this event I hope our campus community will be able to come a little closer and develop a sense of kindness for one another. 

JR: I hope this year, Relay will encourage more and more people to get involved and realize that they have the ability to make an incredible difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide.  The fundraising efforts of members of Relay For Life allow for patients to experience and receive so many wonderful opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible, and it gives them the opportunity to spend more time with their family and friends.  The Bucknell Community has played an important role in the fight against cancer, and I hope this year will continue the efforts of previous years of getting as many people involved as we can!


Fast Facts:

Freez or Sweet Frog?

  • CS: Freez; all day, everyday
  • JR: Sweet Frog!

Campus posse: 

  • CS: My ADPeople, the ChemEs Class of 2017, and Bucknell en France
  • JR: Soccer Team, Apartment 130, the occasional kickball group chat

Favorite spot on campus: 

  • CS: Dana Lobby
  • JR: The Quad or an AC West Study Room!




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