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Original photo by Allison Gerhard

Name: Michael Katrib

Year: 2023

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD 

Major: Biology


Zodiac Sign: Taurus 


Relationship Status: Single 


3 Words to Describe Yourself: Empathetic, honest, loyal


3 Qualities You Look for in a Girl: Funny, down to earth, trustworthy


Campus Activities: Orientation leader, club soccer, club paddle,  member of Chi Phi Fraternity


Favorite Quarantine Activity: Playing music on the guitar and piano 


Favorite Animal: Hedgehog


Best Movie of All Time: Finding Dory                 


Favorite TV Show: Guy’s Grocery Games 


Best Song: Reckoner by Radiohead


Favorite Place to Eat in Lewisburg: All Star Bagels


Favorite Spot on Campus: KLARC Fitness Center


Celebrity Crush: Shakira 


What is Your Biggest Pet Peeve? Loud typing 


What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? My friends came from various states to give me a birthday car parade during quarantine 


Dream Date Location? Beach 


One Thing You Can’t Live Without: The gym 


Fun Fact: I’m Lebanese! 

Allison is a proud plant mama with a love for healthy eats and her dog, Rex!