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Campus Cutie: Will Sisto

Name: Will Sisto

Class Year: 2016

Hometown: Bernardsville, NJ

Major: Global Management

The Basics:

Favorite book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Favorite movie: The Dark Knight

Favorite store: Uniqlo, it’s kind of like J. Crew but I can actually afford to buy stuff there

Favorite food place in Lewisburg: Ard’s Farm, the pulled pork over cornbread is like crack

Favorite spot on campus: The computers on the first floor of the library, I always do my work there and you talk to people to procrastinate

Most Played Song on your iPod: I use Spotify and it doesn’t tell you that but if I had to guess I’d say “This is why I’m Hot” by Mims

Favorite Class at Bucknell: Management 101, I was CEO of my company which was really time consuming, but it gives you experience that you can actually talk about in an interview and you make friends in that class too.

Campus Activities: I have been a member of the improv comedy group, We Brake for Nobody, since freshman year.

Campus Posse: The fine gentlemen of the Bamboo Club

General Interests: Birds, international affairs, competitive handball, and ghouls

Little Known Fact: I can speak Chinese and I’m not allowed in any Petco store in the continental United States of America.


Girls, Girls, Girls:

Relationship status: Taken

What you look for in a girl: a willingness to try new things, can hold a conversation, and easygoing

Female turnoff: indecisiveness, being a stick in the mud

Celebrity Crush: Nina Agdal


Best of the Rest:

Proudest Accomplishment: One time I won an art contest in the third grade

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: I don’t know I may or may not be working outside of the US, but regardless I hope I’ll have a family and I won’t be in jail   

3 words to describe yourself: funny, honest, and wet

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