Campus Cutie: Spencer Reno

Name: Spencer Reno

Class Year: 2019

Hometown: Rye, NY

Major: Markets, Innovation and Design

The Basics

Favorite book: Of Mice and Men

Favorite movie: Django Unchained

Favorite store: J Crew

Favorite food place in Lewisburg: Caribbean Connections

Favorite spot on campus: The Train Tracks

Most Played Song on your iPod: Amazing-Kanye West, Jeezy

Favorite Class at Bucknell: MIDE 300

Campus Activities: TLC Study Group Facilitator, Consulting Club, “Lambda Chi Alpha”

Campus Posse: Malcolm 4 gang, Trax 5 squad, Lambda brothers

General Interests: Basketball, working out, hanging with friends

Little Known Fact: I am the oldest of 7


Girls, Girls, Girls:

Relationship status: Single

What you look for in a girl: Interesting, funny, easy to talk to, kind, cute smile

Female turnoff: If she has nicer abs than me

Celebrity Crush: Anne Hathaway


Best of the Rest:

Proudest Accomplishment: Making it this far

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Working harder than I do now

3 words to describe yourself: Responsible, Honest, Sweet