Campus Cutie: Chris Barber

Name: Chris Barber

Class Year: 2020

Hometown: Guilford, CT

Major: Physics with a minor in Russian


The Basics:

Favorite book: Meditations, The Alchemist

Favorite movie: Interstellar, Dodgeball, The Prestige

Favorite store: The Halloween store behind Chipotle

Favorite food place in Lewisburg: Amami

Favorite spot on campus: Benches outside of Weis Center

Most Played Song on your iPod: Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

Favorite Class at Bucknell: Phys 211 with Tom Solomon

Campus Activities: Orientation, Offbeats, Bucknell Choirs, SpeakUp

Campus Posse: Chi Phi, O-fam

General Interests: Music, soccer, guitar, science

Little Known Fact: My summer job is making lemonade inside of an inflatable lemon


Girls, Girls, Girls:

Relationship status: In a relationship

What you look for in a girl: good person, funny, energetic

Female turnoff: When she studies abroad in Chile

Celebrity Crush: Nick Cage


Best of the Rest:

Proudest Accomplishment: Inventing my own McDonald’s sandwich

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Hopefully still making lemonade

3 words to describe yourself:  “Soup du jour”