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Finally it seems like spring has sprung in Lewisburg, and we are all hoping that it decides to stick around for the end of the semester. As everyone rushes to spend all of their free time outdoors and in the glorious sunshine, here are a few essential things to make sure that your Bucknell spring goes smoothly!

  1. Floral Face Masks

Say it with me in your best Miranda Priestly voice: “Florals for spring…groundbreaking.” As overdone as it may seem, no one can deny that a colorful floral print screams spring, and this year we can freshen up the floral look with the latest mask trends. At this point in the pandemic safety has become a new way to make a fashion statement, so now that we are transitioning into the spring season why not transition your mask styles too? Find some cute and affordable options here and here


  1. Picnic Blanket

After hunkering down indoors for the winter, everyone is desperate to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. The first few days above 55 degrees had everyone scattered across campus studying, eating, or just chatting with friends. A casual picnic blanket is an essential to spread out for a sunset dinner or study session on the quad. Check out some of these adorable patterns or just grab the one Bucknell provided at the beginning of the semester! 


  1. Screen Cleaner

Sunshine and 60 degree weather means that everyone is taking advantage of the picnic tables, benches, adirondack chairs, and virtually any other outdoor space on campus to study and take remote classes. But computer screens and glaring sunlight don’t always go so well together. The secret weapon to seeing your screen clearly on a sunny day is a dust clearer! This little gadget wipes away those annoying flecks of dust and fingerprint smudges so that your screen is clean and easy to view clearly in the bright sun. Order one to keep in your bag here


  1. SPF Moisturizer 

By now any remnants of a summer tan are long gone and everyone is anxious for some Vitamin D, but hours lounging in an adirondack chair soaking up the sun in the spring can be rougher on our skin than you might think. Protect your skin during your daily quad-sit by incorporating SPF into your morning skincare routine. Here are some SPF/moisturizer combos that will let you bask in the sunshine all day long without turning into a lobster! 


  1. Pocket Umbrella 

The old saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” certainly rings true in Lewisburg. It’s definitely not uncommon for a warm spring day to be interrupted by a spurt of rain and thunder clouds in the afternoon. To make sure that you’re never caught running home in a downpour throw one of these compact umbrellas in your bag to keep just in case! 


  1. $5 in Cash

When the Lewisburg Freez opens back up for the season everyone knows that the winter has finally officially ended. The springtime at Bucknell wouldn’t be complete without an evening trip to the local ice cream spot for an Oreo Freez or peanut butter ‘in the hole’ sundae. Take a stroll down 7th street to grab a space in line—and remember it’s cash only! 


  1. Metal Straw

Warmer weather means that soon everyone will be swapping out their hot lattes for iced coffees and cold smoothies. Instead of grabbing for disposable plastic and paper straws, try one of these reusable metal straws that are perfect for sticking in a refreshing iced drink. A metal straw is a simple swap to make your daily choices more sustainable and is easy to throw in your bag for anytime access—and they even come in fun colors! 


  1.  Sunglass Pencil Case

While an outdoor homework session in between classes feels amazing in the springtime, without sunglasses the glare and squinting can get pretty intense. Instead of trying to juggle multiple cases, risk cracking your sunnies, or just forgetting sunglasses all together, try out this combined sunglass-pencil case. These cases come in a variety of colors and have a dual compartment that keeps your sunglasses safe and within easy reach of an anytime essential, your pens and pencils. If you never forget to bring a pen to class, now you’ll never find yourself on the quad without a pair of sunglasses! 


Emma Stone

Bucknell '22

Emma is a junior from Connecticut studying Political Science with a minor in English Literature.
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