campus quad

THE Bucknell Quad-Sit

The Bucknell Quad-sit is one of the quintessential parts of being a Bucknell student. You might as well have thrown 70 grand out the window if you don’t get on to the quad at least a few times each semester. Officially known as the “Malesardi Quadrangle” (Quad) is probably one of the most well-known things about Bucknell and one of the reasons its campus is rated as one of the prettiest. Something about sitting on Adirondack chairs in the sun cures just about any anxiety, sadness, or anger any student might have. There must be some magic in the chairs or something.


One of the best parts about a Quad-sit is that you get to see EVERY single person walk through to get to the library or their classes. Who knows it could be the girl who spilled her drink all over you the night before or the guy whose room you left at seven that morning–that’s the fun of it. Another special part about the Quad is that sound travels exceedingly well. You can almost hear the person’s conversation from across the grass. This is one of the best ways to get all the tea without being remotely involved! Honestly, it’s hard to find any cons about the Quad.


The only one I can think of, which can definitely be argued as a pro is the lack of shade on the Quad. You could spend one hour under the sun at the Quad and get a sunburn, and you didn’t even have to fly all the way to Miami to get it! Sunscreen is definitely needed if you are going to sit on the Quad for a good amount of time unless you are into sunburns, which many people at Bucknell seem to be.


Another key part of the Quad-sit is getting a good spot. Some people prefer the shade while others like to be in the sun but one of the hardest things is snagging an Adirondack chair. For some reason, there seems to be about three total chairs available on the Quad and odds are on a nice day they are taken. The trick is to stalk people until you see them about to get up and then run over and grab the chair before anyone else can. It’s a true sport.


Something about the sunshine and sitting in a circle with your favorite Bucknell people remind you of why you chose this school and what makes you truly happy. Anytime there is a sunny day, be sure to run to the Quad and participate in the art that is THE Bucknell Quad-sit.