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The Bucknell Archive is not a well-known part of Bucknell, but it is arguably one of the best. Not only is there a physical archive in Bertrand Library at Bucknell, but the school has also digitized so many photos from the time since the school’s founding, and it looks so different compared to now.

Looking back at old photos has always been a hobby of mine and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. My grandmother went to Bucknell in the 1970s, and I love seeing how Bucknell looked when she attended. Something that is interesting is the photos of the Bucknell Mod construction from the 1970s. You can see the buildings being lifted into place, which may confirm suspicions that the Mods is only a step up from a trailer park. Here are some photos for proof, if you know the Mods at Bucknell, the similarities are uncanny.

I don’t know about you but that looks better than some of the Mods I see today. I would love to be suntanning in a Mods’ backyard. It looks as though nothing outside of the Mods has changed, very interesting Bucknell…Something very cool is the photos inside of the Mods.

I think some students would actually prefer to live in the Mods if they looked like this. The fridge, the couches, the chairs, retro is always ready to make a comeback. This photo of a woman biking through honestly looks like an ideal day in the Mods. Speaking from experience, the Mods look pretty much exactly like the ones in the background.

Seeing Bucknell from a different time can also be very eye-opening. In the photo below you can see a giant homecoming parade for Bucknell for Homecoming weekend. It is sad to think current students have never experienced something like this. While COVID-19 is certainly a major player, school spirit at Bucknell has also dwindled a little.

If you ever have an hour to spare going through the Bucknell Archives can be a true joy to see the memories of past students. They also have digitized numerous yearbooks that are very interesting and funny to look through––all from the comfort of your own home. However, if you really want to immerse yourself you can go to the official Bucknell Archive location on the second floor of Bertrand Library! Happy digging!

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