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Beauty Cheat Sheet: Quick Tips and Tricks


Let’s face it; we don’t all have a personal make up artist at our beckoned call every morning like Kim Kardashian or hours to spend in front of the mirror before sprinting out the door to our early morning classes. Everyone has their secrets (and sometimes bizarre) beauty tricks for looking their best without having to put in an overwhelming amount of effort and time when in a hurry. Read this helpful guide and try these easy techniques the next time you’re suffering from a beauty emergency or simply looking for a DIY professional makeup job for a big night out. 

Sun-Kissed Skin in Just a Few Hours

Are you looking in the mirror and wishing that winter hadn’t cursed you with the complexion of Casper? No need to harm your body with a tanning bed or take $50 out of your bank account for a spray tan. With L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Spray, you can look like you just got back from Spring break, within the small span of a few hours, just in time to look bronzed for a special event or night out. Jergens Natural Glow Lotion may take a few days to gradually develop on your skin and sometimes is a hassle to rub in, while this spray provides quick, easier, and darker results. Mess up and notice a few streaks? Squeeze some lemon juice onto a towel, rub it in to where you messed up, and the trouble spots will disappear.



Long-Lasting Red Lips

When you’re rocking the red lips trend, it’s never fun to have to check every 15 minutes to see if you need to reapply in order to maintain this chic look throughout the day or night. Although you’d never think to use Jell-O as a beauty product, several makeup artists swear by using it to keep the red lips looking fabulous for long periods of time without having to worry about it fading or coming off. You might remember that your hands were stained red for a while after mixing Jell-O powder to make Jell-O. The powder will have the same effect on your lips! Dip your finger into the Red Jell-O powder and rub it onto moist lips to ensure long lasting color. It’ll provide the perfect bold base coat for before the actual topcoat of red lipstick and it’ll keep your lips stained without any fuss.


The Dewy Look

No girl ever wants to hear that her face looks “cakey” or overdone with makeup.  A glowing yet subtle look is always the way to go. Sure, sometimes an oily T-zone can make for a shiny face in pictures, but the perfect amount of moisture to the skin and a dewy glow to the cheekbones adds a rosier and more natural appearance. After finishing your usual makeup routine, run a bath and jump in for about 10 minutes, or just turn on the shower and stand among the steam. This will set your makeup and ensure a fresh and perfectly moisturized look for the day or night ahead of you. 


No More Double Chin…for a few hours

Feeling a little puffy in your face and seeing double when it comes to your chin? Maybe you’ve been eating badly all week and you never made it to the gym, and that bloated look in the face isn’t going to look good for your big event that is in a few hours. A quick fix to a pudgy jawline is rubbing on cellulite cream that is rich in caffeine, right before going out. The caffeine sucks out the extra fluid that is making your face look puffy and slims your jawline instantly. Before you know it, you’ll be double chin free for the next few hours ahead of you. 


Fuller Lashes

Although fake eyelashes can make a huge difference in making lashes stand out and look fuller, the process it takes to put them on takes much effort and time. I, for one, don’t have the skills to handle glue around my eyes. Plus, products like Latisse and other lash lengthening mascaras are expensive and don’t always show the best results. For a cheap, easy, and natural way to grow longer and fuller lashes is to dab a small amount of flax seed oil on to the lash line each night before you go to bed. Flax seeds have Vitamin B and Omega-3, -6, and -9 that build up the lashes from damage and increase their growth.   


Shinier Hair with Vinegar

After a lot of blow drying, straightening, and curling your hair, your long locks can start to take a hit and look dull and damaged. To maintain shine and moisture, mix one part vinegar with four parts carbonated water and soak your hair in this natural concoction. Leave hair in for 15 minutes before you jump into the shower and shampoo it out. This locks in the shine and builds up to fight against damage and dullness. For an added bonus to make hair shiny, rinse for one to two minutes with cold water. 


Whether you’re looking to cut time out of your day working on your makeup routine or building up your hair’s shine and strength, these tricks are easy and inexpensive so you don’t need to splurge on any overrated beauty products. Try these various beauty tips and tricks and you’ll see how well they work and how much more efficient your beauty routine can become!


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