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Waking up everyday in an unfamiliar setting brings upon a rollercoaster of emotions that are often hard to manage. Although being in college is an exciting experience, it can be overwhelming, uncomfortable, and stressful. It is integral to maintain overall mental and physical health while balancing emotions in order to live life to your full potential, whatever that may be. When an overwhelming situation occurs, you may find yourself asking, “How do I deal with this?” or “What should I do to solve this problem?” and some of us may even want to give up. However, the most important question to ask yourself is not about your personal plan-of-attack, it should be something along the lines of, “Am I being kind to myself?” In intense situations, it can be hard to put yourself first and ensure that you are taking proper care of yourself. To live your life in the most beautiful way possible, take care of yourself. This can be a challenging endeavor, but with a little self-care practice, we can all learn to treat our minds and bodies right. Here are some of my tips for beginning a self-care journey, so that together, we can implement self-love.

Here are my top tips to manage overall wellness while being in college!

Organization and Time Management 

The college lifestyle can be stressful and overwhelming regarding routines, schedules, and classwork. It is important to keep yourself occupied while having a time-schedule in place to keep you on track. Personally, I have learned throughout my years of education that in order to stay on top of my schoolwork and oftentimes, busy schedule, a planner was my most useful tool. A planner or daily agenda allows you to plan out your day between your social and school lives, which can be overwhelming altogether. Implementing a planner into your life will allow you to form a daily routine that ensures you have enough time to balance everything you need to. 


On top of the college lifestyle being stressful, it is also sometimes exhausting. Proper sleep is essential for you to perform at your peak performance in all aspects of your life. Always be aware of your sleep schedule, because proper sleep will only benefit you. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep will reset your mind and body, and give you a much-needed rest to begin your next day ahead. 


Maintaining a well-balanced diet is also key in performing to your full potential. Just like your mind and body need sleep to reset, your body and mind subsequently need food as well. It is essential that you fuel yourself when needed, because we need food to function. It is also important to keep in mind that a balanced diet is crucial. This means enjoying all of your favorite foods- guilt free, while also eating foods that make you feel your best. Whatever fuel you choose to ingest, remember that it is important to eat foods that will sustain you and energize you, and it is also key to treat yourself too!

Physical Exercise

Finding time in a busy schedule for physical exercise can be a difficult task. However, it is vital for our bodies to move around and stay active. This can include a wide array of activities, whether it be sports, walking, yoga, cardio, strength training…the list goes on and on. Any type of physical activity you prefer should be added into your weekly routine to allow yourself to clear your mind and keep your body moving. This is a simple way to relieve stress, and to allow yourself to reserve time for your mind and body in any way you would like to. 

Time for Personal Reflection/Journaling 

Finally, setting aside time for yourself will drastically impact your day and your overall perspective. Sometimes, we forget how important it is to self reflect and relax, but it is something incredibly pertinent to our wellbeing to participate in. Even just 15 minutes of relaxation, slow breathing, or journaling can allow you to reflect and reset throughout your day-to-day life. It’s always useful to take time for yourself in order to have a positive day. 

Although balancing a busy schedule along with your physical and mental wellbeing seems like an impossible task, with a few simple steps, you can begin to manage it all. In a stressful and new environment, you are what matters most. Recall the tips listed above when you feel especially overwhelmed, and begin practicing a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. To live up to your full potential, take time for yourself, always.

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Kayla Freibott

Bucknell '25

Hi! My name is Kayla and I am a Political Science/Legal Studies major at Bucknell University. I am a plant lover who loves to learn and spread positivity!
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