Balancing Bae and Your BFFs

            The start of a relationship is always exciting. Everything is new and you have so many fun ~couple things~ to look forward to. However, with the new excitement of having a significant other (SO), comes the pressure to manage your time so your existing friends still feel loved and appreciated.

            In every relationship you form, communication truly is one of the most important factors. As cliché as that may sound, it’s pivotal you continue to talk to your friends about what you would normally. Sometimes you may be inclined to go to your SO with news first, however it’s important you don’t substitute your friends for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Also, as much as your friend loves you, they probably don’t want to hear about your SO the entire time you spend together. Though talking about your boyfriend or girlfriend is completely normal, making sure they aren’t the only topic is equally as important. The truth is, you’ve probably known your friends longer than you’ve known your SO, so be careful not to neglect them and your bond.

            Especially as busy college students, planning our time can be nearly impossible regardless of whether or not you’re in a relationship. Before you make plans for the week, make sure you are honest with your boyfriend or girlfriend about how you plan on spending time with your friends at certain points. If you talk ahead of time, it gives them a chance to plan their time accordingly.

            Once those plans have been formed, following through is just as important. Regardless of who you make plans with, stick to them. Although new opportunities always arise, and may sound more exciting than your original obligations, following through will make either your SO or your friend feel important.

            The last main piece of information is to be understanding if your SO or friend brings up their feelings towards the amount you are, or aren’t, spending with them. In addition to communication, respect is another huge part of a successful and happy relationship. Being open minded about your SO and friends’ feelings will allow you both to get on the same page, and make the relationship even stronger.