This April Horoscope Will Tell You Where (at Bucknell) You Will Find Love


People say there’s no place like home, but they’re wrong. There is no place like All-Star Bagels on a Sunday morning, especially for an Aries in April. The wait may be long, but as you order your ‘Foul Ball’ egg sandwich with extra avocado, you’ll be hitting a home run in the love department. Your future lover will probably fall in love with you to the tune of bagel being shoved down your throat. Don’t worry, it’s cute.

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Let’s face it, frat stars will always be tempting, but this month you will be extra lucky when the fracket comes off. As a Taurus, you will be inspired by more than liquid confidence when you hit the streets of St. Catherine. They say nothing good happens after 2 a.m., but nobody listens to the wise anymore. April is like, your free pass.



Studying is a necessity, but falling backwards as you try to lean back and take a peek at the person in the cubicle over is a choice. Luckily for you, Gemini, that innocent bystander will probably fall in love with you for it. The whole librarian ‘look’ is a thing, you know, so testing the theory at the Bertrand Library will be your best bet at falling in love.

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We all know it takes forever to walk to Ac. West, but the time it takes to fall in love is as fast as first sight. As you sprint through the halls with a minute to spare, don’t worry if you trip, because your lover will probably be the one to help you up. Spilling the contents of your bag will grant you extra points, and extra face-time.



Nobody likes being seen while working out -- the lighting is harsh, that one cute workout outfit is probably in the wash, and the sweat that causes your leftover mascara to stream down the side your face is never a good look. But, as a Leo, it’s hot. KLARC has blessed you with irresistibility regardless of how ridiculous you look when you run, so somebody is bound to find your weight-lifting skills cute.

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We don’t know why you are at the stadium, but your future lover does. Something will draw you out to the athletic ends of campus this month, and I promise you, it will pay off. The athlete-type may not be on your radar, but once you find yourself on their turf, you are bound to be trapped in their net.



For the rest of us, touching knees with the person sitting next to you in the Weis Center Auditorium is awkward, but as a Libra, you will be feeling those ~sparks~. You may go to a lecture or presentation to expand your intellectual horizons, but here’s a heads up: it’s your romantic horizon that will be expanding.  



7th Street Cafe will never be the new Starbucks, but for a Scorpio this month, it could be the new Tinder. Swipe right to the booth next to you, and you are bound to bump books with your future lover. For the rest of us who constantly have to pop mints after a 7th Street grind, coffee breath will be a good look on you.

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Despite what the movie title says, the hills do not have eyes, but the hill below Freas Hall definitely has something going on. When a Sagittarius finds themselves tanning, hanging out, or lounging on that blessed grass this month, they are bound to roll right into the arms of a future lover. It’s steep for a reason.



The LC mall can be an intimidating venture during lunch hours, but for Capricorn this month, there will be romantic clarity in the chaos. As you are being attacked with pamphlets, sign-ups and questions, love will find its way into your hands. Just take that sheet of paper they keep waving at you, it’s probably a sign.



Waiting for your grilled chicken may feel like forever, but not when love is right around the cooktop. Newsflash: the Bison is SO out for an Aquarius when it comes to romance. Head upstairs, because you are bound to find a ~snack~ in the Caf this month. Want to up your game? People go to the Terrace Room to get Caf food with a view, but these days, that view is definitely you.



Nobody likes to put in effort, but Pieces, you’ve lucked out. If you spend 95% of your free time binge-watching Friends in the comfort of your dorm room, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. No effort needed, because your future lover will find their way to you, whether they came back with your roommate, got lost, or just happen to be one of those drunk kids who stumbles into what they ‘thought’ was their room at 1 a.m.

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