Amy Adams is the New Leonardo DiCaprio of the Oscars

You may know Amy Adams…



My favorite redhead and one of the highest paid actresses in the world.

The Academy has nominated her for Best Supporting Actress for Vice, and I honestly hope more than anything that she’ll win.

But do you remember how we all desperately wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to win an Oscar just a few years ago? And thank god he did! Boy is talented!

But...I’ve just found out that Leo has only four Oscar nominations...and we made all that hype.

Now remember Amy Adams? Yeah let’s talk about her.

She played a beloved Disney princess, Giselle, from Enchanted and stole all our hearts.

She played feisty and messy Sydney in American Hustle in a stellar performance.

And my favorite, Amy played confident, take-no-crap Charlene in The Fighter (seriously, do yourself a favor and watch).

Amy also has acted in Julie & Julia, Big Eyes, Leap Year, Man of Steel, Her, Arrival, Justice League, Nocturnal Animals, and Sharp Objects. I know, she’s a queen.

And now you can see her in Vice. Parade raves about her performance, saying, “This whole enterprise wouldn’t work without the authenticity and heart she brings to a role that would have gone camp in the hands of a lesser actor. She’s the best part of the movie.”

And with six other nominations under her belt and no win, it’s about damn time we start the battle cries for our dear Amy. She earned it after giving us all kinds of iconic performances and positioning herself as one of the highest paid actresses in the world.

You go Amy, we’re rooting for you! Watch the 91st Academy Awards Sunday, February 24th, 2019!