Affordable Toys to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Looking to mix things up in the bedroom with your significant other? Or perhaps you’re looking to treat yourself? As countless Cosmo articles and rom-coms have shown us, one simple way to make your sex like more exciting is to throw in some toys. This step can seem daunting – where does one buy a sex toy? How will your partner react to it? Will the toy be enjoyable (and worth the money)? Fear not, collegiettes – check out these reviews for some of the most bang-for-your-buck toys on the market. (Pun intended.)


Multi-Speed Remote Vibrating Panties

Where to buy: Spencer’s Gifts

Price: $29.99

 “I’d recommend this product to any of my friends. I used it with my boyfriend while we were on a date in the city, and we both enjoyed the rush it gave us: for him, it was the feeling of being in control, and for me, it was the FEELING. Using the toy in public was like our dirty little secret. A drawback to this product is that the vibrations are fairly audible, so it’s probably best to use it in a loud setting, like at a party or a bar. You should definitely use it in public though; it wouldn’t have been as fun to use in bed because the thrill factor is what makes it fun. Overall this product was a lot of bang for my buck – it even came with lube and a sleep mask!”


Trojan Vibrations 2-in-1 Vibrating Ring + Finger Massager

Where to buy: Walmart

Price: $7.99

“This product is really fun to play with, and a low-key way to incorporate toys into your bedroom activities. The ring definitely amplifies pleasure for both partners during intercourse. If you want even more sensation, I recommend using both the ring and the finger massager at the same time. Since the ring is elastic, it can fit a variety of shapes and sizes; there’s no need to worry about it slipping or not fitting. And at 8 bucks for both the vibrating ring and finger massager, it’s a pretty good deal – worth a shot for anyone looking to add a little something extra their sex life, or just enjoy on their own.”


Trojan Vibrations – Vibrating Bullet

Where to buy: Walmart

Price: $16.99

“I love this bullet vibe! It has four levels of intensity so you can amp them up gradually for a maximum range of sensation. Alternately, you can let your partner do the work: because this bullet is remote controlled, it’s fun and easy for them to use it on you. One thing that can be annoying is the cord connecting the remote to the bullet. It can get in the way of your full range of motion, but is long enough for the product to still be worthwhile. Batteries are included and replaceable for multiple rounds of fun.”


Durex Play Delight Vibrating Bullet Box

Where to buy: Walmart

Price: $17.99

“If you’re looking for a low-key vibrator that won’t intimidate you or your partner, this one is definitely worth a shot. It’s fun to use on yourself, with or without a partner, but might be a bit tricky for your partner to use on you because it’s so small – there’s no remote control or anything. If you care about the aesthetic of your sex toys, this one is so little and cute that if you were to leave it out in the open, people might not know what it was. It’s travel-size, waterproof, and comes with a battery, so for about $18 I’d call it a worthwhile investment: it’s just kinky enough to dip my toes into the world of sex toys without committing to a 6-speed mega-vibrator or something like that.”


Whatever your preference, there’s a sex toy for you. Always remember to gain your partner’s consent before engaging in any sexual activity (especially before introducing a toy!), but if both partners are on the same page, the possibilities for pleasure are limitless!


Her Campus does not sponsor any of the brands listed above; these reviews are personal, freely-given testimonials from Bucknell women.