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Actually, Sometimes It’s Not Ok…

As collegiettes, we often find ourselves under pressure to get good grades, have an awesome social life, get involved on campus, and otherwise do it all. But the thing is, we’re only human. It’s nearly impossible to juggle 10 extracurriculars and a 4.0 GPA, but we still feel the need to most of the time. This pressure often requires us to take a step back and acknowledge that we’re only human. Since the “Hey, its ok…” section in Glamour has become popular, it has provided reassurance for women everywhere that it is indeed ok to not be perfect all the time. However, like all rules, there are exceptions. Sure, it might be okay to stay in bed all day once in a while, but we also have to realize there are times when it’s not ok. We rely on our friends for encouragement, love, and support, but there are also times when your friends’ job should be to remind you that “hey, it’s not ok…”. Here are some instances that should under no circumstances be considered acceptable. If you find yourself in an instance like these, it may be time to change. And if you find your friend in a situation like these, be honest with her about it…that’s what friends are for.


Hey, its not ok…

…that the guy you likes thinks it’s appropriate to only call you after 1 a.m. on the weekends…and maybe occasionally late on Wednesday nights, too.  If a guy thinks you are only worth his time when he’s looking for a booty call or even just needs a place to crash after he’s been out, he’s most likely not going to change any time soon and show up at your door with a dozen roses. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to be honest with yourself…and to kick this guy to the curb. And if your friend seems naïve about a guy who doesn’t seem to have her best interest at heart, you need to be honest with her. While she probably won’t want to hear it, she’ll appreciate your honesty when she finally sees that he’s no good for her.


…to beg her to go out with you on a random weeknight, even though you know she doesn’t want to. As collegiettes, we are presented with the nearly impossible task of balancing good grades and a good social life, and while we usually do an excellent job with it and make it look easy, schoolwork should always be a priority over parties. If you’re excited that you’re done with your work for the rest of the week and want to go out on a Tuesday night, but your friend is swamped, realize that you need to back off sometimes and let her get her work done…she’ll appreciate it.


…to “forget” to return something you’ve borrowed. One of the most beautiful things about living within walking distance of all your friends at college is the fact that raiding each others’ closets on those days you swear you have nothing to wear becomes so convenient. But if you borrow something, you must make the effort to return it. Sure, there’s no harm in keeping the sweater you borrowed for an extra week and wearing it again before you wash it and give it back to her, but she shouldn’t have to beg for the clothes you borrowed from her back. Be quick to wash her stuff and return it, so she’s not wondering where it went a few months later.


…to Internet stalk your ex. Plain and simple, there is absolutely nothing good going to come from “just looking” at his Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed. If you or your friend is guilty of this bad habit, work on letting it go ASAP. Ever heard the phrase “ignorance is bliss?” Well, you’ll find it holds true here. And if you can’t seem to resist seeing what he’s up to? Block him. Any jerk who dumped you isn’t deserving of seeing your witty tweets anyway, right?

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