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7 Reaction Stages to the Bieber “Wedding”

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the recent Bieber “wedding.” According to Teen Vogue, on September 30th, Hailey Rhode Bieber and Justin Bieber renewed their vows at Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina, just a year after their official marriage. While their marriage in 2018 fell under the radar, the 2019 marriage was anything but lowkey. From A-list celebrity invites (hey Kendall and Kylie), to exclusive photo booth snapshots of the night, to custom champagne bottles for guests, the wedding was clearly a night to remember. And if you’re anything like me, this was cause for alllll the emotions. 

1. Denial

​​​That moment of I’ve had a poster of Justin in my room since I was 13, THAT SHOULD BE ME (#iykyk). 

2. Confusion

Wait…weren’t they already married? This really threw me at first! I remembered them having a low-profile marriage a year ago, so the recent wedding announcement surprised me. However, according to TeenVogue, the September 30th ceremony was an opportunity to celebrate their vow renewal with close friends and family. (Plus an opportunity for Hailey to wear not one, but three stunning wedding dresses. Not not jealous). 


3. Shock

Olivia Bieber won’t be happening. Neither will Selena Bieber. I suppose this is a continuation of denial. ​

4. Panic

Wait yeah, WHAT ABOUT SELENA? Does it matter that they dated ten years ago, that they were basically kids when Jelena first began, that they both seem to have really moved on? Honestly, not really. I think it’s safe to say they were the dream team back in 2009, and they will forever hold a stake in that category. Change. My. Mind

5. Bargaining 

DMing Justin to ask if I still have a chance. Looking up knock-off versions of Hailey’s Jimmy Choo heels. Trying to figure out how I can arrange for my wedding to be at Montage Palmetto Bluff.

(Okay, I’m not that crazy. But you know someone out there’s doing it!) 

6. Testing 

Scrolling through Instagram just in case rumors are false. Instantly reassured by Justin’s captions “Even thugz get married” and “My bwide,” that they are in fact, real. 

7. Acceptance 

As with any celebrity crush, the reality that it’s never happening, is pretty much inevitable. I will say that Hailey and Justin’s whirlwind relationship fast forwarded to this reality a liiiiittle sooner than I was hoping, but I’ll recover. Besides, the Bieber wedding opens the door for a whole lot more fangirling. Do I wish I was Hailey? Duh. But at least I can vicariously through her. And truthfully, I like rooting for celebrity couples! If they can make it work, then the rest of us must stand a chance. Although Olivia Bieber might not be happening, a crush never hurt anyone!

Olivia is a junior writer and VP Tech for Her Campus Bucknell. She loves being on the Her Campus team because it's a unique platform for college women to support one another. Outside of Her Campus, Olivia is obsessed with her Westie, a lover of all things coral, and a muffin fanatic.
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