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7 Places to Find Affordable Bathing Suits

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.


  1. Target

    Going to Target for affordable swimsuits is no secret, so I figured I would put it at number 1. The average cost for a top and bottom is $40 or less, with one pieces ranging from $30-$40 depending on the style. Target is a great place to go for basic colors, prints, and styles. I would recommend you buy a few basics here first and expand your swimsuit collection at the other places listed.

  2. Aerie

    Aerie is a little more expensive than Target, with each piece costing on average $30 making a full set $60. If you can spare the extra change, it is worth it. Aerie suits are well made, last a long time, and are size and bust inclusive. They also have that extra support while still being comfortable and flattering. 

  3. ASOS

    ASOS is at the same price point as Target, but they also have lots of on-sale pieces that go for as low as $10-$12. ASOS is more trendy than Target and Aerie and a lot more bold. You can find pieces in designs from purple velvet to cheetah print. ASOS might not be for everyone, but their prices are hard to beat. 

  4. Cupshe

    Cupshe is a company that specializes solely in swimsuits. You can find them on their official website or on Amazon. Their prices are close to Aerie’s, at about $30 or less a piece and $30 or less for a one-piece. Cupshe has a lot of basic and plain styles with embellishments like cut-outs and ruffles to make it fun but not too bold. Cupshe is great quality but the sizing is small so keep that in mind. 

  5. Hollister

    Hollister swimsuits are around $25 a piece with one-pieces at about $55. They have a lot of pastels, flower designs, and spring/summer prints. They offer the same couple of designs in different patterns and colors. Their size range has also greatly improved from the past and they now offer up to XXL. 

  6. Abercrombie and Fitch

    Abercrombie and Fitch has an older, more young adult feel than Hollister. They are also significantly more expensive at around $35 dollars a piece. Abercrombie has the same color and pattern scheme as Hollister, but with more full coverage options. Sadly their size range is very disappointing. They only offer up to XL (and down to XS)  in most things and the smallest and largest sizes are sold out in everything. 

  7. H&M

    ​H&M is about $18 a piece with one-pieces at about $34. They also have cover-ups at $25 or less. H&M is a very good price but the material is thin and may not last long. I would go here to add some pieces you might only get to keep for 1-2 summers. H&M also has a great range of conservative or professional swimsuits you could buy if you need them for a summer job. 

Bonus: JMP the Label – JMP the Label is a new swimwear line by Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter. It’s included as a bonus because it is a designer brand and more expensive than the other options. However, I highly recommend it if you can afford it. The material is high quality, doesn’t stay wet long like other swimsuits do, is made out of recycled material, and the company provides jobs to women in Bali trying to improve their financial situation. JMP has fun prints like “Tortuga” but also has cool toned summer colors like “Marine” and “White Sands”.

Hi, I'm Kendall Garnett and I am a senior Biology and Spanish major at Bucknell University. I am also one of two Campus Correspondents/Chapter leaders for HerCampus Bucknell. When I am not busy researching the next big pandemic I like to write culture and entertainment pieces.
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