7 Hacks to Surviving the Caf

Being a first year at a new school is hard enough on its own, but trying to figure out what to eat when you don’t have your mom’s home cooked meals anymore? Now that’s the real struggle. On Bucknell’s campus the Caf is infamous for “Cafsgiving” and late-night breakfast sandwiches, but is that all there is to it? Certainly not. Hopefully these 7 hacks will open your eyes to some more of the Caf’s true hidden gems.

1. If you want cold, refreshing water, never fill your cup with the water labeled “Water.” Instead, go to the soda machine and use the smaller tab labeled “Water” right under one of the other soda options to the left.

2. A waffle is not just a waffle. Sure you can put syrup, whipped cream, strawberries, and butter on it and call it a day but have you ever thought of using it as a taco shell and stuffing ice cream inside? I think I just gave your next dessert.

3. To-go cups are not just for drinks. Want to grab some cereal to munch on later as a midnight snack? Fill up a to-go cup with Cheerios or Frosted Flakes then pour some milk on top and you have yourself a delicious treat.

4. Trying to avoid the Freshmen 15? All the food served in the Caf’s and its nutritional information can be found on Bucknell’s Net Nutrition website.

5. Go to the Caf after the lunch rush and before the dinner rush if you need to get work done. Those tables in the back are quiet, people won’t distract you and can be quite productive. Why trek to the library when you have the Caf at your fingertips?

6. Take the fresh fruit. The sign may say only take one piece of fruit to-go but let’s be honest we all love to shove bananas and apples into our backpacks on the way out. It’s free fruit and there is not much of that on campus so grab it while you can.

7. Lastly, try new things. This may sound cliché, but the Caf is what you make of it. Some days you want to be healthy and eat a salad but other days indulge in that soft pretzel and greasy grilled cheese sandwich. Trust me, next year you will be begging to have your Caf swipes back.