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7 Books Every College Student Should Read

During our month-long winter break my dad noticed I was spending the majority of my time watching Netflix. Worried that my brain would turn to mush, he handed me one of his favorite books of all time, “The Da Vinci Code.” Less than enthused, I tossed it on my bedside table, deciding I would read it later. I ended up starting it later that night...and finishing it the next morning. It was easily one of the most intriguing books I have ever read, and I immediately began telling everyone I ran into that they just had to read this book. I began researching other books that would be equally as thrilling to read, which is how I came about comprising this list of books every college student should read. It includes both fictional stories that have a great underlying message, as well as self-help books that allow you to view the world in an entirely different light. I comprised this list based on my own reading and the lists people have created before me.

1. The Da Vinci Code--Dan Brown 

If I have not already convinced you to read this book, then allow this summary to help. It is a religious mystery of a murder centered in Paris’ Louvre Museum. Do I have to say more?

2. The Happiness Project--Gretchen Rubin

Follow along with Gretchen as she dedicates an entire year of her life attempting to be more grateful, less quick-tempered, and to find happiness in the daily endeavors of life.

3. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up--Marie Kondo

This book will transform your life as Kondo teaches the art of minimalism, decluttering, and organization.

 4. 1984--George Orwell

A government employee is tasked with rewriting history in order to glorify his country’s oppressive leaders.

5. Into the Wild--Jon Krakauer

In 1992, Chris McCandless burned all his money and moved to Alaska in order to spend the rest of his life living in the wilderness. He spent 100 days in the Alaskan woods until dying from a poisonous berry. Journalist Jon Krakauer transforms Chris’ story into a memoir of survival, the struggles with family life, and his undying passion for the outdoors.

  6. Of Mice and Men--John Steinbeck

Two friends, George and Lennie, travel through California in search of work. Throughout their travels, the reader watches the two as they struggle through Lennie’s disability, the human desire to be understood and belong, and witnesses the harsh realities of humankind. (This is my all-time favorite book).

  7. The Color Purple--Alice Walker

Celie, a young African American girl, grew up in the pre-civil rights era South. She now works as a subservient housewife, but longs for something much more. This book highlights Celie’s challenges as she learns to stand up for herself, speak her mind, and be proud of who she is, all in a world that attempts to silence her voice.