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For the past few months, my friend has been hyping up this new series that was coming to Netflix called Shadow and Bone. It’s a show full of fantasy and adventure, based on the youth-adult book series by Leigh Bardugo. Now, at first, it took my friend a lot of convincing to get me to watch the show, but as soon as I finished the first episode, I realized I watched something completely wonderful. So I give to you my top five reasons for watching Shadow and Bone:


  1. The Actors: Even though we don’t admit it, I think all of us like to take a break from those big actors that you see in every film or show. Shadow and Bone brings in a team of fresh faces, as well as some recognizable ones. The cast is a diverse group of young actors and actresses that have been in some smaller films and series, who really fit their characters and do a wonderful job with interpreting the book series in the show. 

  2. The Magic: There is something about a story set in a magical universe that always draws us in. For many, stories like Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia hosted amazing lands full of magical creatures. In Shadow and Bone, the magic is extremely evident. The magic is natural and works with nature and science. It makes it feel so immersive that you get lost in each episode.

  3. The Costumes: Not only are the set and story of Shadow and Bone amazing, but the costumes are as well. They help immerse us into the magical realm and represent the characters well. Not only that, but the vibrant colors worn by the Grisha, the all-black ‘fit worn by General Kerrigan, and the sleek style of the Crows all help to pull the show together. It’s fun to see and also sit there with your friends and dream of having one of the many gowns or overcoats these characters possess.

  4. The Romance: Shadow and Bone obtains several of my newest romance plots. It has everything you could imagine; enemies to lovers, childhood friends to something more, and of course we can’t forget Jesper and his goat Milo, (that has to be the best one in my opinion). Anyways, the romance and love triangles are quite enticing, to say the least.

  5. And finally… Ben Barnes: If you were a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia films, you can’t forget the man who swept us off our feet: Prince Caspian. Where did he go after he performed that dazzling display you may ask? Well, he is back in Shadow and Bone. He plays General Kerrigan, who is a powerful Grisha (a person who obtains special powers), and he has come to win our hearts. His costume, his performance, him, in general, are reasons enough to watch Shadow and Bone.


Now I hope I’ve convinced you to grab your nearest streaming source and watch Shadow and Bone on Netflix! 

Olivia is a Computer Science major at Bucknell. Aside from her love of the sciences, she has a strong appreciation for the arts, literature, and writing.
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