5 Quick Study Break Ideas

            In this day and age, it becomes so natural to grab our phones and scroll through Instagram and Facebook in between readings and assignments. When we’re not checking social media, we decide to only watch ~one episode~ of Netflix, which eventually turns into watching an entire season. To avoid falling into what seems to be an inevitable distraction cycle, try the five study tips listed below that will give you the break you need AND help your brain.

  1. Get active:

According to numerous studies, walking for 10-30 minutes in between working will make you feel more relaxed, less tense AND more enthusiastic about doing your work. If you’re in the library, taking a couple laps around the floor you’re on, or going for a quick walk to the end of the quad and back, will definitely help you and give your brain the break it needs.

  1. Listen to a couple songs:

Sometimes, RIGHT when you’ve hit that point where the words have no meaning and your studying feels pointless, you just need a couple uplifting songs to motivate you to finish!

  1. Meditate/Relax:

When your work becomes so overwhelming that it’s all you think about; your body is essentially begging you for a break. Just by closing your eyes for a few minutes and thinking about things you’re looking forward to, you’ll get in a much better mood and your stress will be nonexistent.

  1. Call a friend:

This can turn into a very long study break depending on the friend, but calling your friends definitely distracts you and allows you to vent and overall debrief.

  1. Stretch:

Stretching is oftentimes extremely overlooked, especially by college students, but naturally our bodies tense up from the anxiety of studying and sitting in the same position for extended periods of time. Taking time to stretch can help you relax more than you know!

            Additionally, some things to try to avoid during study breaks are snacking on junk food (as tempting as it may seem), excessive caffeine (too much coffee can cause you to crash), and huge meals (these will make you feel tired and lethargic).

            Good luck studying and remember to give your brain the breaks it needs!