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5 Hiking Spots to Explore this Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.


With the long anticipated arrival of fall comes comfy sweaters, warm apple cider and colorful leaves blanketing the ground. Accompanying the crisp fall weather is the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature before it becomes too cold and snowy. The area surrounding Bucknell’s campus, the Susquehanna Valley, is the perfect place to explore the outdoors. With state parks, hiking pathways, and scenic overviews, you can’t beat autumn in central Pennsylvania! So grab your sneakers, a water bottle and enjoy fall this year with five of Her Campus Bucknell’s top hiking spots.

1. R.B. Winter State Park  

Photo Credit: Shira Tarlo 

With rolling hills and pathways, R.B. Winter State Park’s 695 acres come to life in the fall. Hues of yellow, orange, green and red leaves are reflected in Halfway Lake, the focal point of this vast state park. An afternoon study break spent hiking alongside a serene lake could be right at your fingertips, as this park is only 18 miles away from campus.


2. Ricketts Glen State Park

Want to make a day out of your next nature adventure? Then pack a picnic lunch and a Frisbee, and travel to Ricketts Glen State Park in Benton. Scattered amongst the 13,000 acres of the park are beautiful views and waterfalls, some of which are registered as National Natural Landmarks. Ricketts Glen is a little over an hour away from Lewisburg, making it the perfect place to bring along some friends and become one with nature for the day.


3. Geisinger Trail Yellow Loop

Hiking isn’t exactly your forte? Look no further than the Geisinger Trail Yellow Loop. This well kept trail just outside of Danville is quick and easy. On your next free morning or afternoon, skip the treadmill, get outside, and enjoy the crisp fall air while you still can.


4. Shikellamy State Park

You can’t go wrong spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon at Shikellamy State Park, taking in scenic views of the Susquehanna River and Lake Augusta. Paved paths encircle the charming marina of the park, making it a wonderful place to take a short one to two mile walk. After finishing your stroll around the picturesque area, cool off by grabbing a picnic table and watching the eagles soar above the Susquehanna.


5. Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

Conveniently located just minutes from Bucknell’s campus is the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail. Spanning 9 miles between Lewisburg and Mifflinburg, there are ample opportunities to explore this vast trail throughout the fall season. When you need a change of scenery from the library cubicles, head on over to the trail and enjoy the views of the sunflower fields while they are still in bloom!