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4 Lessons We Learned From Netflix Original Series

With the ever-growing popularity of Netflix, and other online streaming websites, it seems that a new type of television is emerging, and that’s the online tv series. It’s no surprise that we collegiettes like to spend our free time unwinding by watching a good episode (or season — we don’t judge) on Netflix, and from time spent reflecting on series after series that we’ve finished we realize that there is much more to these shows than just entertaining. So we spent the hours, and slaved over the research, and have compiled four of the most important lessons we’ve learned from Netflix series.

Orange is the New Black

We know what you’re thinking, how could you learn anything from a show that takes place in a prison? But there is so much to be learned from Orange is the New Black, whether it’s how to mend things with your ex: if Piper and Alex can find a way to work things out and they’re stuck in prison together, you and your ex definitely don’t need to pretend to text when you walk by each other on the quad, to and how important it really can be to be proud of who you are, just like Soso and Poussey.

Master of None

Master of None created and starring Aziz Ansari is brilliant as expected. In the first few minutes of the first episode we learn that, celebrities are just like us, and their dating life is just as awkward and uncomfortable as ours. From figuring out when the right moment to introduce our significant other to our parents is, to demonstrating how tricky the ~art of texting~ really is. Master of None taught us to give ourselves some slack, and just know that things really are this awkward for everyone.

Chef’s Table

While documentaries get a bad rep for being boring this one is sure to make your mouth water and booking the next flight to Patagonia, Argentina. Each episode of Chef’s Table follows a different 3 Michelin star–the highest and more acclaimed award as a restaurant–chef and their story. From literally single handedly saving the entire parmesan cheese industry (Massimo Bottura), to overcoming countless obstacles from cultural boundaries, to family boundaries and more (Niki Nakayama), Chef’s Table teaches us that with the right guidance and a strong will to succeed you can absolutely achieve anything.

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is a particularly interesting one in that while it’s definitely geared toward an older generation (no mom, I’m not calling you old), but it definitely has lessons that we can all learn from. Grace and Frankie are polar opposites, Grace, the high strung, well put together mom has always hated Frankie until they suddenly end up having too much in common, when their longtime husbands suddenly decide they want to date each other. Grace and Frankie taught us that it’s never too late to give someone a second chance, and that you can always learn to become a better version of yourself (whether it be relax a little more, or in some cases a little less), and you’re never too old to get your groove back.Needless to say, your time over spring break spent binge watching Netflix has not gone to waste. In fact, you were learning the whole time! Don’t wait another 15 seconds, it’s time to hit “watch next episode”.

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