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11 Facts About the Royal Family You Didn’t Know

William. Kate. Harry. Megan. If you grew up watching Disney movies, or reading fairy tales, finding out that royal people actually exist , that there are real princesses and princes, was probably pretty awesome. Whether you follow the Royal Family’s whereabouts religiously, or really only know their names, here are some fun facts that might catch you wanting to learn more:

  1. The Queen loves to wear bright colors. But this isn’t just a style choice; she does it so that the public can see her. Queen Elizabeth wants to be recognizable so that even from far away, people can say “I saw the queen!”

  2. They must accept all gifts. The queen ultimately decides what happens to the gift, but all gifts are at least initially received.

  3. Their last name is actually Mountbatten-Windsor. Now that name is just funky.

  4. Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday twice! Once on April 21, her actual birthday, and then again in either May or June as an official celebration.

  5. William and Kate replied to every fan who sent them wedding cards. If you get tired of writing thank you cards for a party of 20 people, imagine writing 60,000...

  6. Prince Charles met Princess Diana because he was dating her older sister! ...and she was only 16!

  7. They’re not supposed to be touched. Aside from a handshake (which should be initiated by the royal him/herself), contact needs to be kept to a minimum when dealing with the Royal Family.

  8. The Queen doesn’t need a driver’s license! Apparently being queen doesn’t require you to follow the rules of the road.

  9. Little Princess Charlotte is fourth in line to the throne. Even if William and Kate have a son, she will still hold onto her title—the rule favoring men to rule was changed after George’s birth #girlpower.

  10. Queen Elizabeth’s favorite nail polish is Essie’s “Ballet Slippers.” That moment when you realize you wear the same color as the queen>> 11. If the queen moves her handbag from one hand to the other, its a subtle sign that she wants the conversation to end! This seems like a neat strategy, as long as her staff is paying attention.

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