YouTube Gems: Vogue’s Beauty Secrets

For many of us, quarantine means upping your Netflix and YouTube time. So, why not learn some new beauty tricks in the meantime? Vogue’s YouTube Series, “Beauty Secrets,” is a unique source for beauty tutorials and tips: watch your favorite A-listers walk through their beauty rituals. These videos demonstrate the diversity in routines, faces, and styles—and how everyone’s got a few random secrets they could share with a friend. 

With video tutorials dedicated to skincare, hair, and makeup, you’re ought to learn a new trick or two…

  1. 1. Nail a Smokey Eye

    Never been able to nail that smokey eye, without looking like a panda? Jessica Alba does her daytime smokey eye—and makes it look easy, to say the least. She, too, was once intimidated by eye shadow. Her tip for achieving the perfect eye look is blending with a fluffy shadow brush!

  2. 2. Step Up Your Nighttime Skincare

    Busy Philipps reveals her nighttime skincare routine and maintaining her glow. From retinol to rollers, she discusses all she’s learned about skincare and maintaining youthful skin. From makeup remover, to lip balm, and even nail oil, Busy doesn’t skip a step.

  3. 3. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Halsey shows Vogue the makeup behind her album cover, “Manic.” Looking to experiment with fun makeup? She demonstrates the vibrant blue eye shadow, bold lashes, and shiny highlighter that create this look.

  4. 4. Moisturize & Mask

    Ashley Graham is all about the moisturizing and masking! Get a walkthrough of her newly improved routine. Plus, all the talk on eye masks. P.S. they immediately work wonders on those tired eyes.

  5. 5. Supermodel Secrets

    Wondering how the supermodels do it? Doutzen Kroes reveals the secrets of her skincare and makeup routine. Get a how-to on achieving flawless foundation, simple shadow, a full brow, and the perfect pink pout.

  6. 6. DIY- It

    Priyanka Chopra shares her family’s DIY skincare secrets. She swears by these natural beauty remedies, that you can easily create at home. With a few ingredients, you can concoct an exfoliating lip scrub, body scrub, and scalp treatment.

  7. 7. Bombshell Beach Waves

    If you’ve always wanted to perfect those beachy waves, Cami Morrone gives a tutorial on how she gets the final product. And, Cami’s biggest secret to achieving these waves is the $7 hairspray that tops off the look.

Whip out your laptop and makeup mirror, because there are nearly 150 videos to choose from. Get experimenting!

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