Your Guide to December 2019

After Friendsgiving, you still might be a little full, but always make room for a friends Christmas too. It can be quite simply just a Christmas dinner with all of your friends, and maybe some hot chocolate after, or you can go all out and include a gift-giving event as well. It’s always fun to see your friends, and why not use this party as an excuse to bring all of your friends together along with some Christmas (or Hanukkah!) cheer. What a great way to continue the tradition of getting your friends together for the holidays than having an event that replicates a modern favorite, Friendsgiving, and makes it festive for the Christmas season instead.

While it’s super important to spend time with your friends during the holidays, make sure to allocate some time for yourself as well. Whatever self-care means for you, give yourself time for it. Treat yourself with some festive chocolate or however many or few Christmas decorations you want to put up in your dorm, suite, or apartment. If you’re like me and allergic to Christmas trees, don’t force yourself to buy one because “it’s not Christmas without a Christmas tree." Realistically, you’ll make yourself sick through the whole of December doing that and it’s overall super unpleasant to be ill during the holidays, so I don’t recommend doing that to yourself intentionally. You can always by Christmas tree smelling sticks (like those car scented trees) if you want your fake tree to smell real. 

Finally, with most people packing up to go home over winter break as soon as the end of their finals, make sure you’re packing wisely. There are clothing items, accessories, and bits and bobs that you’re probably considering putting aside to go in that suitcase in a couple of weeks time that are just going to serve to make your life super unpleasant when you end up having to carry that bag. I know this first hand by the amount of random stuff I brought back from home after Thanksgiving break and suffered trying to go up the Warren Towers escalator. Don’t make my mistake. It’s nice to have some stuff that you may want and not need, so give yourself some wiggle room but not too much.

Photo credit: Sarah Brown, Unsplash

This is a super wide-ranging list of helpful tidbits of information I’ve gained to help you through the month of December, and I hope you enjoy and make note of them. December is the season of giving, and a magical time of festivities regardless of your age, so make sure you do your best to try and enjoy it in every way possible!

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