Your Essential Makeup Trends For Fall 2018

The season of autumn is full of changes. Leaves change colors, the weather changes (in Boston, like every day), and if you're feeling it, your style can change too. If this sounds like you, here are a few things you can do to switch up your makeup look to be more in the “fall” style.


1. Vampy Lip

This sexy lip screams fall and the deep burgundy looks great on all skin tones. To rock a bold lip, you should first line your lips with a complementary color (don’t go over the line too much, as it will look clownish) and then slowly color in the lines with the color of your choice. To clean up and make your lips stand out, put concealer around your lip line to sharpen up the edges.


2. Rosy Blush

This rosy blush makes it look like you just came back from a frosty walk in the park and we are here for it! Apply to the apples of your cheeks between your bronzer and your highlighter. To add an extra pop you can use a shimmery blush for an effortless glow.

Colors to look for: Deep Plums, Soft RoseBerry.


3. THE Smokey Eye

The cult classic full-blown smokey eye is back in style, giving you an edgy, sexy look wherever you go. The best advice for application is to start nice and slow and to use caution with the black shadow. If you use too much black, it can ruin your look and make you look like a raccoon. You can get the look here with this palette.


4. Contour

Now that fall is here, we can put on a lot more makeup, making chiseled cheeks your go-to look. Start by looking face forward into your mirror so your contour isn’t in two different places. Apply it in a “3” shape from your temple to your cheekbones to your jawline.


5. Warm Smokey Eyes

Move over bronze smokey eye, here comes a rich, warm, orange look to complement the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves. Three basic components of this eye are the warm transition shade, the “outer v” darker shade, and the lighter lid shade. Get the look here with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette!


6. Brown Lipsticks

Bring it back to the ‘90s with these brown lips. These browns can complement various skin tones and can complete any fall look. Get an ombre effect by putting a nude shade in the middle of your lips and blend.


7. Va-Va-Voom Lashes!!

No need for the natural looking face; these kick-ass mascaras will give you the lashes of your dreams. Two words: Volume and Length. Always look up into your mirror while applying so you don’t get mascara on your eyes. Wiggle your wand through your lashes and let dry before applying setting spray and falsies.


With these additions to your makeup routine, you too can look like an Instagram makeup guru. Remember there are no rules in makeup, so you can try some of these tips and if they don’t work for you, that’s okay! You’re beautiful with and without makeup!


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