Women At Work – Your Guide to Landing an Internship for the Summer

Everyone knows how stressful job-hunting can be. If you’re a freshman or sophomore, you are especially new to this added layer of stress on top of being a student. But don’t worry, because with these 5 tips, you’re sure to land an internship before the semester ends.

  1. 1. Reach out to people you know.

    If a friend or family member currently or previously worked at a company you’re interested in interning at, ask them about their experiences there and if they would be able to give you a referral. Chances are, they are more than willing to help! Utilizing the resources you have at your disposal and networking with people already in your inner circle is a great way to begin your internship search. It’s also the way most people land their positions. With that being said, ask away!

  2. 2. Apply to as many things as possible on LinkedIn and Handshake.

    Sometimes cold-calling and applying to things you don’t have any connections to can lead to you finding a great job. Go on LinkedIn or Handshake, (if your school uses Handshake) and just apply to as many things as possible that seem like a fit for you. To be completely honest, you won’t hear back from a lot of companies, but applying to as many things as you can guarantee you’ll hear back from a few at least.

  3. 3.  If there’s a company you really want to work at, go on LinkedIn and reach out to alumni of your school who have worked there or are currently working there.

    Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you don’t personally know! If they’re alumni of your college, they may be more willing to help you out. Just reach out, explain that you’re really interested in working at their company, ask about their roles and what the culture is like and usually they’ll be willing to give you a referral. After all, companies love to see candidates who truly are interested in working for them and have a desire to learn!

  4. 4.  Look outside your comfort zone.

    Don’t tie yourself down to only working in one position. Even if you REALLY wanted to work as a software engineer this summer, don’t shy away from applying to roles in other positions. You may be surprised and may actually find something you like more! Also, take into consideration what qualifications you have; this may open up more opportunities that you may not have considered.

  5. 5. Have a resume and a cover letter handy.

    Having a go-to resume and cover letter helps a great deal when it comes to applying to a multitude of different jobs. It saves you time and energy, and it means that all you have to do is upload it and then you’re done! By doing this, I was able to apply to more than 20 internships in one sitting! You may have to slightly tailor your cover letter with each application, but not having to rewrite an entire cover letter for each position you apply to will benefit you greatly.

Searching for an internship is hard, but it is important to not get discouraged or overwhelmed. Keep applying and don’t give up!


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