Winter is Coming: Here's How to Prepare

As I write this article, it’s November 12th and it’s 30 degrees outside. Even though it’s not winter yet, I feel like that’s a good enough reason to be writing this article. I figured that as somebody who has experienced harsh winters for the past 18 years, I have a pretty good idea of how to handle freezing temperatures. Here’s what I know!


1. Invest in a long, hooded coat.

I say invest because outerwear can be extremely expensive. Although it may seem painful to drop hundreds of dollars on a coat, it really is necessary for living in an environment where you will experience consistently harsh winters. Know that when you buy an expensive coat or pair of gloves, not only will they last longer, but they will keep you warmer than cheaper coats ever would. I have a North Face coat that I just bought and already love. It’s long, warm, and has pockets lined with fleece, so how could I go wrong? Another tip is to buy a size up so that you can fit all of the necessary layers underneath your coat. 


2. Blanket scarves. 

Do I have to say anything else? Blanket scarves are incredible because not only are they warm, but they're fashionable, too. Even just having one of these on hand in a neutral color could save you so much time in the morning planning your outfit. Just throw this on and you’ll be trendy and toasty warm (at least on your neck)!


3. Pocket warmers.

Maybe these are a little excessive, but thermal packs and pocket warmers to stick in your coat or even your shoes can make a huge difference, especially if you know you'll be outside for a while.


4. Warm drinks.

The power of hot tea and coffee to keep you warm is real. I know it’s hard to give up iced lattes and smoothies, but you’ll be thankful that you went for the hot chai instead of the cold brew once you’re outside in below-zero temperatures. 


5. Use grocery or food-delivery services.

Take advantage of things like Prime Pantry this time of year. It’s convenient, easy, and will prevent you from trekking out in the cold when you run out of granola bars. 


6. Focus on your hands and feet. 

Notice how if you’re cold and you put a pair of socks on, you’re instantly warmer? This is because your feet have a huge effect on your entire body temperature. That’s why it’s important to invest in wool socks, insulated boots, and good-quality gloves. 


7. Embrace it!

Much of surviving winter is your mentality. I already find myself starting every conversation with, “It’s so cold out!” and by saying that, I just perpetuate that reality. It’s hard to not constantly complain when your fingers and toes are numb from the cold, but maybe looking at the bright side (like cute sweaters and hot chocolate) could be helpful in making the best of the cold winter temperatures.


I hope you found these tips helpful for making the best of winter with the right tools and mindset. HCXO!   


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