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Why You Should Just Be Yourself

by Masha Komissarova

Have you ever wanted to change your appearance or personality for someone? Felt pressured to do something you really didn’t want to do, but did it to be someone you’re not? Or perhaps you know someone who’s going through changes that aren’t by their own wishes. I’ll give you five reasons why you should never change for anyone but yourself and if you know someone who did or does, this article will help you persuade them not to. 

Life’s short. It’s sad and unfortunate but true. Hopefully, we all live till we’re 90 but if we don’t, you wouldn’t want to regret anything.

People who truly love you won’t care how you look or how you act and those are the kinds of people you want to have in your life. Just think about it: why would you want to let someone in your life knowing that they will lie as soon as you start showing truthfulness. 

Inspire people. Your character, emotions, intelligence, your voice—they are all unique. Someone may be going through something tough and a smile with a strong character can lift them up. 

You’ll feel freer. Life is already complicated and sometimes things weigh us down your personality shouldn’t be one of them. Most people that you think care about you, don’t, they’re too busy with themselves. So, if others don’t care about you, why should you? 

Help others do the same. If you see someone changing, tell them. Speak up! Don’t let anything change you from being who you feel you ought to be but learn from your mistakes.

Hopefully, I persuaded you to not give a damn more often. Just a tip: if you have people in your life who you think don’t value you, spend less time with them and eventually completely separate. Spend that time doing things for yourself. Have you ever wanted a better figure? Work out, eat healthily, enjoy the little things in life.  Wanted to learn another language? Play an instrument? Read biographies of successful people and see what they did when they were your age. 

Live, don’t just exist. Set up goals and accomplish them. Laugh and learn and one day you’ll look back realize you actually did something, you didn’t just waste time. 


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