Why You Should Journal

Growing up, I had always been fascinated with journaling in every sense of the word. My bookshelf back at home is littered with incomplete journals that span from when I seven years old up to when I was seventeen.

From incomplete diaries detailing my latest crush to journals where I let out all of my teenage angst, and even some failed attempts of keeping a “Bullet Journal,” no matter how hard I would try to keep up with my writing endeavors, I would always end up forgetting about my journals. It almost felt like my dream of one day completing a full journal was never going to come true.

Attending college in the city of Boston—with its numerous seasons and constant vibrancy—has caused me to feel inspired 24/7. Little ideas are constantly flying in and out of my head, and sometimes I’m too slow to catch them on my own. Desperate to find a way to get these ideas to stick, I did something I had been dying to do for the longest time: I walked to my local Barnes and Noble and bought myself a journal.

This time, instead of confining myself to some type of strict guidelines, I simply use my journal whenever I feel compelled to write. I literally use it as a brain dump. I write on paper all of the stuff that is on my mind and let my creativity flow.

My entries can range anything from one paragraph to five pages depending on what I am feeling in that moment. I don’t start my entry with any type of greeting, I just record the date and let the writing flow.

While I haven’t had this journal for a while, I have already begun to see the benefits of journaling, such as:

1. Practicing writing skills.

As a Journalism major, I am going to have to be doing A LOT of writing in my future (duh) and having a space to write whatever I may please have given me an outlet to hone my craft.

But, journaling is not just beneficial for someone who is trying to make writing their career. On the contrary, writing in a journal can help you express your more artistic side. By giving yourself space where you can just put whatever you want on paper, you have the ability to try anything from writing poetry to songwriting and even drawing. 

2. A time for reflection.

The act of taking time to be alone with just my thoughts and some paper allows me to take a moment away from the hectic-ness of my surroundings. Journaling has almost felt like a form of meditation in a way, as it gives me time to reflect on all of the things I have been feeling and thinking about as of late.

If you have a busy student life as I do, stopping for a moment to reflect on what you are feeling will leave you feeling stress-free and motivated to take on the rest of the day!

3. It is a form of self-care.

For me, writing in my journal has almost become a type of self-care. Sometimes, it's hard to talk to other people about your issues for a slew of different reasons. Taking some time to write what you’re thinking can help you get through a lot of hard times. Whether it’s ranting about a rough day or contemplating your future, writing in a journal can help you to sort out any stress you may be feeling from your daily life.

Having my journal has allowed me to feel like I truly have a place all to myself. If you are someone like me who is DYING to journal but you simply can’t stick to one, maybe this blurb from my first entry can help you:

I hope this has inspired you to start journaling, it'll be worth it. Happy writing! 


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