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Spring cleaning is a yearly occurrence that most of us take part in, whether a purposeful event or done when all of the winter items that have piled up need to be packed away. This cleaning promises sunny days and warm breezes to come, and a farewell to the icy air of winter. Not only does spring cleaning reign in the hotter seasons, but it allows for a cleansing of the self, too.

I fall into the category of people that clean when I feel that it’s time to clean. I don’t mark down a day on my calendar each year and decide that I need to pack away my heavy jackets and boots or vacuum the rug. Instead, I decide that I want to clean when I feel myself being drawn to wearing lighter clothing items or when my desk is cluttered in books. I like to pack away the winter items and organize my closet with items for spring, placing the newer “I-can’t-wait-to-wear” clothes towards the front. (This tends not to last and I’ll have to clean again in a few weeks.) 

A lot of the time for college students, Spring not only brings warmth, but it also brings finals. This is where rooms get messy; textbooks and loose papers are strewn about, closets are messy and countertops become cluttered with bath products. Who has the time to keep each item in its place when you hardly have time to sleep?

A key to knowing where I am stress-wise is walking into my dorm. If it’s messy, I’m most likely stressed. That being said, if it’s spotless I either just finished up exams or I’m really stressed. Not only do I clean when the weather says it’s appropriate to, but I clean when I’m piled up with work. I find it cleansing – it’s a productive break from working and I feel a little calmer knowing everything is where it should be. It’s a stress relief, and I truly think that’s a huge reason why spring cleaning is so popular.

Spring cleaning is not just the obvious scrubbing of countertops and organization of closets. It’s a way to remove some of the stress from daily life and to allow yourself to feel renewed. I recommend taking your cleaning a bit further — when you’re done, take a long shower and take care of your body in ways that you don’t normally have time to. Blow-dry your hair, do a face mask, give yourself a little spa treatment, etc. Your room will be spotless and you’ll feel like a new person.

Take a moment to be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far this year (you can start with the fact that you just made your bed for the first time in weeks—it looks nice, truly!). There’s warm weather on the way, promising cool breezes on a hot day, smiles with squinted eyes from the sun, and relaxation.

What do you find gets cluttered the fastest when you’re stressed? Do you stress-clean, too? I hope you find yourself happier and less stressed in the upcoming months!


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Francesca is currently studying human physiology in the beautiful city of Boston. She loves to curl up with a good book or watch a Disney movie any chance she gets.
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