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Why Watching Netflix Is Valid: Arrested Development Style

The most intriguing thing about binge-watching television shows on Netflix, in my opinion, is what you really learn about yourself. Sure, sure, you might say, that sounds trippy and cliché but in my experience it usually is true.

For instance, when I started watching Arrested Development, I’ve developed a new appreciation for my slightly wacky and off-kilter family after watching the Bluths constantly navigate the treacherous waters of family scandals.

Nothing quite says family drama like your father having potentially committed “light treason”. Or when your brother maybe caused you to lose your hand because he released a carnivorous seal into the sea.

It also gave me great love advice, like what not to do when you like someone. Michael Bluth may be a savvy businessman (or at least not as bad of one as his father) but he’s terrible at love. Dating a British spy and a lawyer pretending to be blind and pregnant for sympathy are just some of the gaffes he commits.

As disastrous as the Bluth family is, however, they definitely do love each other very much, in their own bizarre ways, which definitely led to a far greater gratitude to my own family. And so, I hereby pronounce the act of binge-watching completely valid and totally worth it!


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