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Why I Made the Switch to Google Calendar and Why You Should Too

As a college student, it is important to be organized when it comes to your day-to-day schedule. The amount of calendar options available is quite overwhelming. There are so many physical calendar options available, and some that specifically cater to students. I have personally used the Day Designer planner and although it does give you so many options when it comes to planning, it is excessively bulky. For the most part, physical planners are heavy and take quite a toll on your back if you carry it in your backpack regularly.

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Also, it is inconvenient having to take out a physical planner each time you want to check your schedule. With a digital calendar, you can reap all the benefits of having a planner without having to lug around a physical calendar. 

Having a digital calendar is seriously the move. Nothing beats the convenience of pulling out your phone and seeing your schedule neatly laid out. If you have to make last-minute plans, being able to quickly pull out your phone and check if it aligns with your schedule is so ideal.

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Aside from being convenient, switching to a digital calendar is also great for the environment. Using a physical calendar is so wasteful; I can not even tell you how many times I’ve purchased a physical calendar and have had to throw it away since I could not keep up with it. For me, going paperless is one of the biggest pros of switching to a digital planner. 

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While there are so many different digital calendar options, I have found that Google Calendar is the best one out there. It syncs to all of your devices––I get Google Calendar notifications sent to my iPhone and Apple Watch––which makes it so convenient. The interface on Google Calendar also lets you have different categories for everything. It is fully customizable and is so helpful for differentiating between your school schedule, your work schedule, and your social life. You can also use Google Calendar with your friends. For instance, you can send out G-Cal invites whenever you want to make dinner plans with a few friends. You simply add the event to your own calendar and it gives you the option to invite friends to the event. It is very convenient and helps you sync your plans with your friends. It helps keep everyone in the loop and makes the planning process such a breeze. 

If you are currently stuck in a rut or are just feeling disorganized, you could use Google Calendar to make the change you need in your life. G-Cal has numerous benefits and will make your life feel much more organized!


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