Why Getting a Nintendo Switch in College is the Move

While mindless entertainment can sometimes be ideal after a long day, there is only so much Netflix and YouTube you can watch before you eventually get bored. Sometimes you just need to flip the switch—pun intended—and engage in some active entertainment.

Hosting a game night with board games and a few friends is always a good time. Even though a classic game night never gets old, it’s great to take it to the next level by using a gaming console like the Nintendo Switch.

Photo Credit: Best Buy

A Nintendo Switch is ideal for a game night because it incorporates multiplayer. It comes with two controllers and a dock that you can use to plug the console into your TV. You can buy additional controllers if you want to host a large game night with multiple people, but the two Joy-Con controllers are perfect if you just want to have a game night with one other person. 

Photo Credit: Inverse

Even if you prefer not to have game nights, having a Nintendo Switch is still a great console since you can use it on the go. One of the great things about the Nintendo Switch is that it can be used on your TV and on its own. It has all the benefits of traditional consoles, but the portability aspect is a huge plus. 

The stress of college can really take a toll on you. Being able to unplug and ignore your responsibilities for a bit can make all the difference. For college students, a Nintendo Switch is the perfect gaming console to use after a stressful day or when you just want to have fun with a few friends.

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