Why Brandless Is A College Student’s Dream Come True

As a college student, I am always looking for ways to save more money. In my attempt to do so, I’ve learned that everyday items such as cleaning supplies, cutlery, and even bath tissue can be very expensive! Normally, the majority of my money is spent on necessities.

However, I recently stumbled upon this website called Brandless. Brandless has virtually everything a college student could need, all for $3. At first, I was suspicious. I wondered, How could everything be so cheap? Are they sacrificing quality? What’s the catch here?

As it turns out, Brandless can make things much more affordable by taking away the additional markups that come with brand-name association  (hence why the site is called ‘brandless’). According to their website, their mission is “deeply rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values.” Their goal is to provide high-quality goods for a fraction of the retail price. They do so by using an approach they call the “Just What Matters” philosophy. According to the company’s “About Us” page, this means that they “prioritize offering products that match people's values, preferences, and at times, requirements — whether it be organic, Fair Trade, gluten-free, or vegan food; tree-free paper, non-toxic cleaning supplies, or cruelty-free and clean personal care products free of over 400 questionable ingredients.” The result is a product that is safe, ethical, and designed simply and without unnecessary ingredients or packaging.

Brandless is constantly coming out with new products. They have new products hitting the shelves almost weekly, which means you’re never running out of new things to try. They started out with having only the very basics, such as some snacks and food items, to covering everything from kitchen utensils to stationery. They even recently launched a whole line of pet products, including toys and cat/dog food.  

The company’s website is also super convenient to search for products that best suit you. You can filter not only by category but also by values. For example, you can search for products that are vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and more. This means that no matter what your requirements are for the products that you buy, Brandless will cater to it. Almost everyone can find what they need on the site, and that’s personally why I believe it is an ideal place to shop for household items.  

 If you’re looking to get high-quality products for less, Brandless should be your first stop for shopping for everything from snacks to utensils!


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